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Guided Meditation: Free Flow of Wellbeing, Abundance and Prosperity!

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When you are in the state of alignment with who you really are, when you are in the sate of alignment with the good that you desire you are open to the free flow of Wellbeing, Happiness and Prosperity that is always here, but now you are in a receiving mode of it. This combination of two powerful affirmations/meditations helps you release resistance, release negative inner blocks and limitations, recall who you really are, and help you open up to the natural free flow of Wellbeing and Prosperity.



Free Flow of Wellbeing, Abundance and Prosperity Guided Affirmations/Mediations consist of:



I. I am Who I Really Am! Raising My Self-Esteem, Worthiness and Love Affirmation/Meditation (10 min. FREE BONUS Reg Price $49.99)

Profound, powerful and priceless Self-Esteem Affirmation/Meditation that helps to increase level of self-esteem, worthiness, love and awaken wealth and success consciousness that is within. It helps to become aware of who you really are and connect with the Source of Infinite Wellbeing, Abundance and Prosperity. It helps to believe in, activate and apply the power within yourself to achieve your personal, professional and financial goals. It helps to develop a mindset that is essential for attraction of wealth and success in any aspect of your life.

II. Opening to Prosperity, Wealth and Success Affirmation/Meditation (20 min. Reg. Price$99.99)

Reestablish your relationship with your prosperity, wealth and success. Recall how to connect to your abundance Source. Amazing practice that helps you get in the allowing mode of wealth and success. Helps you get in the receiving mode of the good that you desire. This affirmation/mediation helps to get in a vibrational alignment with wealth, abundance and success.



Unique Concept that Works!


The unique combination of these two affirmations/meditations is really effective and powerful and helps to shift your negative inner beliefs in an easy and resistance free way. First affirmation/mediation is more general and helps you relax into your natural wellbeing. The second affirmation/mediation is more specific and helps you get in the receiving mode of the good that you desire. It helps you reconnect with and believe in your True Power, it helps you feel from the state of dream fulfilled and connect with the Source of wealth, success, prosperity and abundance.



Free Flow of Wellbeing, Abundance and Prosperity!
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 Let the Joy of Free Flow of Wellbeing, Abundance and Prosperity In!




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