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Release Resistance to Natural Well-being. Let Go of Negative Beliefs that Block Your Triumph. It is Time To Thrive. Profound, powerful and priceless Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence Affirmation/Meditation that helps to increase level of self-esteem, confidence, love and awaken wealth and success consciousness that is within. It helps to become aware of who you really are and connect with the Source of Infinite Wellbeing, Abundance and Prosperity. It helps to believe in, activate and apply the power within yourself to achieve your personal, professional and financial goals. It helps to develop a mindset that is essential for attraction of wealth and success in any aspect of your life.


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“Zoe Petrak’s mission is to educate people so they can reach their highest potential in all aspects of their lives and live their dreams. Zlatoslava’s program Your Infinite Riches is really powerful, as it provides great insights on the laws of the mind and laws of the Universe.”


Bob Proctor
Expert on human mind and potential.
A leader in the power of positive thinking and self motivation


“Zoe I applaud all the good work you are doing. I wish you success in all your ventures. The world needs you and your work.”

Jack Canfield
A leader in Personal Development and Peak Performance Strategies



“Zoe I’m very impressed. Your material is first class and your product is powerful. I am very proud of you.”

Raymond Aaron
New York Times Bestselling Author
World Leading Success Mentor



About Zoey Gold Petrak:

Entrepreneur, International Bestselling Author, Inspirational Speaker, Seminar Leader, Strategic Results & Achievement Mentor, Peak Performance Business Mentor and Transformational Leader

Zoe is an author of 3 bestselling books, including an International Best Seller in 5 countries “Open to the Infinite Riches of the Universe: And Live a Balanced Life Full of Miracles, Wealth, Abundance, Bliss and Triumph.” Zoe has educated and empowered thousands of people through her live seminars, books and online programs.

She is a Strategic Intervention Coach certified by Robbins (Tony Robbins) Madanes Training, Certified Ho’oponopono Practitioner, Licensed Business Practitioner of NLP and CEO of Triumph of Success Inc. She is a teacher with a diploma in Law and a degree in Global Politics, who has been studying Laws of Success for more than 14 years from the best mentors of the world. For years Zoe has traveled and studied from the best mentors in self-mastery, human mind and potential, success, wealth and business mastery, psychology and personal development fields.

Zoe’s unique in-depth specialized education, journey, personal & professional experience and knowledge give her a truly powerful and one of a kind perspective on how to help you connect to the Truth and Resources within, unleash your true potential, break through self-imposed limitations, get to the next level, and live the fullness of Who You Really Are in all aspects of your lives.

Zoe Petrak has been featured at, coached and lectured at Seneca College Employment Services, Employment Ontario, Sun Life Financial, Finer Minds by Mindvalley, Insight of the Day by Bob Proctor, The Inspiration Show by Mind Movies, Rogers TV, Toronto Star etc.





“This staff is Gold! This has been an extremely powerful workshop workshop which one can benefit from over and over again. Zoey is one of the sweetest, most pleasant inspirational speakers I have ever met. Coming here, I had doubts about what I was getting myself into, but I am very glad that I did it!”

Katherin G.
Participant of You Are A Winner! Seminar by Zoey Petrak, Canada


“The training was outstanding!!! Zoe is a gifted and inspired speaker. There is valuable content in everything she says. Her seminar was a special retreat that energizes the heart and mind.”

Elizabeth C.
Participant of You Are A Winner! Seminar by Zoey Petrak, Canada


“Zoey is very good at what she does. She can change your life. Her training was very good.”

Paul F.
Participant of Awaken the Truth Within Retreat by Zoey Petrak, Canada


“This is exactly what you need to take your business to the next level. It helps you understand where you are, where you want to be and gives you tools and ideas on how to get there. Zoey Petrak inspired me to find answers that I was looking for, because of her knowledge, wisdom and special training she delivered in a mighty powerful impact.”

Lawrence B.
Participant of ATW Retreat by Zoey Petrak, Canada


“Wow! This material I haven’t seen from anywhere else put together in such a concise clear way. So well presented, organized, Zoey you are a master teacher. Thank yo so very much!!! Very empowering!!! Simply Amazing!!!”

Bryan M.
Participant of You Are A Winner! Seminar by Zoey Petrak, Canada


“I was stuck and Zoey helped me wake up and move forward. I understood that I really have power to fulfill my dreams. Thank you Zoey for your power and knowledge which can help other people move forward. God bless you!”

Anna Boiko
Participant of Awaken the Truth Within Retreat by Zoey Petrak, Canada


“Zoey is a true master of success mentoring! She gives from a place of love, her joy and enthusiasm when sharing her gifts and wisdom are contagious! Thank you Zoe! I look forward to working more with you.
Zoey, thank you for this seminar and for your wonderful energy! Clarity certainly enfolded and I truly enjoyed receiving your wisdom and generosity.”

Gillian D.
Participant of Art of Prosperity and Well-being Seminar by Zoey Petrak, Canada


“This seminar is really helpful because it gave me ideas on how I can fulfill my true potential and achieve my goals. I can see clearly now why I could not reach my goals and how I can change it. I highly recommend Zoey seminars and online workshops to my friends. Thanks a lot. It really woke me up.”

Anna B.
Participant of the Seminar by Zoey Petrak, Canada


“…Our universe has very certain laws. If we follow them, learn who we really are and grow along the way, life changes. Zoe’s passion for this life and work shines through and anyone who studies her work will greatly benefit from it.”

Rebecca Craig


“…I found information that is immensely valuable for going forward to achieve my desires. You will quickly understand the recipe.”

Emre Dedekoey


“…Zoey helps to uncover the hidden roadblocks that stand in the way of infinite riches. She drives home the fact that riches are not only for a select few, but as children of God, we are ALL deserving and capable of living a life we love… Her knowledge and understanding shine through as she encourages us all to live abundantly and open our hearts and minds to the limitless possibilities!

Kara Steck,
United States


“Zoey is a truly amazing mentor. She helped me deeper understand who I really am and how to operate from my true power (and what it really means). I became aware of laws of the Universe, Laws of the Mind and Laws of Success, at a level I never studied this before. I highly recommend Zoey’s one-on-one mentoring, her seminars, books and programs to anyone who is interested in unfoldment of their true potential in every aspect of their life. The practices, tools and systems Zoey shares are really useful and applicable, so clear and easy. She delivers really complex and deep insights in the way that makes it so easy, simply and clear. Zoey, I really appreciate what you have done for me! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Toma Sokolov


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