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Zlatoslava Petrak 20

“Be Calm and Peaceful All the Time The Miraculous Technique” eBook
Zoe Zlatoslava Petrak

“Wouldn’t it be amazing if no matter what, in any situation we always stayed calm and peaceful? What a great state!” The technique that is shared in this book can help you get to this state. The 10 pages of the book provide a specific, easy to use everyday technique for calmness and peace. 

“When you are calm and peaceful you become more efficient in everything you do, whether it is your work, or your daily tasks, or truly anything we do every day.” This technique is so profound and helpful, the whole world should know about it.
Zlatoslava Petrak is a best-selling author, motivational speaker, and the founder of



2 How to Become a Happier Person in Just 30 Days“How to Become a Happier Person in Just 30 Days” eBook
Zoe Zlatoslava Petrak

For a limited time only get this #1 Amazon Best Seller for FREE! Learn how to become a happier person in just 30 days. This book is a short and easy guide to happiness, designed to help create positive changes in your life. (Especially great for beginners).
“So, you’ve tried different ways and experiences in the past: pain, guilt, poverty, depression, sadness, and now you know that you do not want to continue going in this direction. You want to make changes to your life, to things that you feel, have and experience. Now is the turning point, now you understand that you want to be HAPPY! You want to enjoy every moment, every second of your existence, and you want to feel and be HAPPY RIGHT NOW! Congratulations – this book is for you.”



Picture GIft Doris Helge

Doris Helge

Conflicts with difficult people? Communication challenges with a spouse, date, ex-partner, in-laws or friend? Troubles with your boss, employee or coworker? Enjoy a PROVEN teleclass guaranteed to help you Transform a Painful Relationship into a Peaceful, Powerful Partnership. You’ve heard about Dr. Doris’ award-winning program on “The Today Show,” CNN and NPR. Sign up for your FREE teleclass and video. Gain the answers you need.




Create More Abundance Now With My FREE Gifts.
Receive information and inspiration to manifest your personal, professional and financial goals.
Christy Whitman

Enter your Information below to Receive 7 Exclusive Videos About The Universal Laws of Manifestation.
FREE GIFT # 1: Seven Exclusive Videos About the Universal Laws Of Manifestation ($350 Value)
FREE GIFT # 2: One free hour of Law of Attraction coaching with a Quantum Success Coach ($120 value)



Sonia Ricotti 1

Clearing Negative Beliefs – MEDITATION (MP3 Download)
Sonia Ricotti

A powerful meditation created for you by Sonia Ricotti, the #1 bestselling author of Unsinkable: How to Bounce Back Quickly When Life Knocks You Down. Listen and immediately begin to clear the negative and limiting beliefs that are sabotaging your life and holding you back from what you truly want.
Get ready to retrain your subconscious mind so it is set to a high vibration level to receive and manifest great success in all areas of your life. Can you imagine a life where everything begins to open up for you … a life where you attract with ease exactly what you want? It’s waiting for you, on the other side of this life-changing meditation.

($47 Value)



David RiklanThe Top 9 Modern Spiritual Messengers
David Riklan

In this inspiring E-book, David Riklan, the founder of identifies and describes the 9 most important Modern Day Spiritual Messengers and their messages. He brings you details about their lives, their background, their messages and the best place to get started learning about each of them.



Chaney WeinerChange Your Life Now Manifesto- “How to properly begin using your current reality to go from where you are now to where you want to be”
Chaney Weiner

In this free report you’ll discover:

  • The difference between trying to live a happy life vs. living a fulfilled life (one of these keeps you stuck and frustrated, while the other gives you freedom and peace of mind).
  • One of the two biggest obstacles that gets in your way and results in what you don’t want (while others fall prey to this common secret trap, you’ll have full control over your life and future).
  • The real difference between getting what you want and don’t want.
  • How to become aware if your positive emotions are causing the negative emotions (and situations) you’re looking to avoid (realizing this paves the way for you to feel more confident and certain so you can enjoy your life more…now and a lot more in the future). And much more!

Dr joe-rubino-headshot-200x240The #1 Ingredient for Success and Happiness in Life TV Interview, Self-Esteem Mini Course and Success Club Membership ($129 value)
Dr. Joe Rubino

In this hard hitting, insightful hour long television interview, Dr. Joe Rubino, one of the world’s leading life optimization coaches and experts on self-esteem elevation answers questions that encompass the origins of low self-esteem, the emotional addictions that ruin people’s lives, the keys to healing one’s painful past, the best ways out of the downward spiral of damaging self-talk and destructive interpretations, the secrets to creating an empowering life plan, the antidote to resignation and self-sabotage, the access to designing an optimum life of no regrets that is marked by passion, purpose, fulfillment, abundance, rich relationships, and happiness and much, much more. Called by many, the most informative and interesting interview they have ever seen, this enlightening dialog will challenge you to step into a whole new way of being that reflects your inherent magnificence. Pick it all up free here.



headshot Barry MaherA free chapter of Barry Maher’s book
Filling the Glass
“[One of] The Seven Essential Popular Business Books” according to Today’s Librarian magazine.
Barry Maher

Get a free chapter of Barry Maher’s wonderful book, Filling the Glass, which has been honored as “[One of] The Seven Essential Popular Business Books.” Readable and entertaining, it’s been translated around the world. And it’s so content-rich that it’s recommended reading at places like Columbia Business School.

Barry Maher writes, speaks and consults on topics like communication, leadership, management and sales. He’s an extraordinarily motivational speaker for keynotes and workshop. You can reach him through his website



Kathryn FordDaily Affirmations
Kathryn Ford

These daily affirmations set the tone for a new way of thinking and feeling each day and they ultimately will raise your vibration to live from this new state of being. They will arrive in your inbox each morning, Monday – Friday, and support you in Living a Life of Excellence.

Kathryn Ford is a Transformational Life Coach who supports people in creating positive and lasting changes in their lives. She is dedicated to helping others optimize their health and well-being by developing and sustaining healthy lifestyles, which are empowered by living a life that fully expresses ones dreams, purpose and gifts. She herself has a serious autoimmune condition, Neuromyelitis Optica (NMO). Kathryn was misdiagnosed with MS for 22 years and 3 years ago found out she had something considered to be more severe. She practices daily the tools and principles she teaches her clients in order for her to thrive and live a life of excellence.



Connie Ragen GreenAffiliate Contest Secrets
Connie Ragen Green

Click on View Gift and use the code SECRET to bring it from $27 down to zero.

In this exclusive training, super affiliate Connie Ragen Green shares how anyone can start ‘recommending what they love’ as a lucrative business strategy. Connie is a former classroom teacher and real estate appraiser who left it all behind to come online in 2006. Now a bestselling author and international speaker, she has devoted her life to helping people on six continents become successful online entrepreneurs.



Dr.Irina Koles Boston MA Weight Loss Help5 day e-course To People Who Want to Lose Weight but Can’t Get Started
Dr. Irina Koles

FREE 5 day e-course To People Who Want to Lose Weight but Can’t Get Started will help you to re-evaluate your approach to dieting. You’ll understand how a very simple shift in your current thinking will change your entire world!

Dr. Irina Koles, M.D., M.H.M., is a bestselling author of “Taste of Thoughts®. Improve Your Health and Whole Life,” and #1 International Bestselling Author of collaborative book “The Secret Success Solution. Get Solid Results in 22 Areas of Business and Life”
Known by the phrase “It is NOT about your weight, it’s about your whole life,” she teaches how to develop a new eating blueprint to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Get slim, stay slim and become healthier and happier!



Sunny Dawn JohnstonPlease enjoy the free gifts
Sunny Dawn Johnston

Body Meditation from Embracing The Body That Is
This meditation is to help you learn to appreciate, love and accept your body, right now, today.
Energetic Positive Affirmations from Positive Affirmations CD
This is a high vibration Affirmation CD, to help support you in shifting the negative mind chatter into positive higher vibration words and thoughts. Just repeat the affirmations after me.
The Archangels by Sunny Dawn Johnston
This is an 18 minute mini class on the Archangels, a Archangel Michael Meditation, the 9 step process to heal your heart and music by my amazing soul musician, Kris Voelker.



Inspire me today.comThe 7 Success Interviews

FREE AUDIO! Be inspired by 7 amazing Inspirational Luminaries, including Sir Richard Branson and Jack Canfield, as they share their stories and life secrets with you, including tips for creating abundance, improving your business, health and relationships. Brought to you by for the best in free daily inspiration!



Steve SisgoldWhole Body Intelligence
Steve Sisgold

Author, speaker, coach and creator of the Whole Body Intelligence program Steve Sisgold has appeared on PBS, the Oprah Winfrey Network and blogs for sites such as Psychology Today. Based on his bestselling book What’s Your Body Telling You? Steve offers 3 audio gifts including Your Brilliant Body where he teaches you how to access information stored in your body plus two lively conversations with his friend and colleague, author Gay Hendricks, on Beliefs and How They Live in the Body and Body Intelligent Relationships.



Amy FlynnIncrease Your Money Flow with this Powerful Money Reiki Healing MP3!
Amy Flynn

Money Reiki Healing balances and strengthens your energy system in the area of money. You will move easily from stuckness and struggle to flow and ease in the area of money in your life! Everything is energy and everything vibrates, including money. In this healing MP3 you will receive powerful energy that aligns you with the vibration of money. The energy heals your money issues and it raises the planetary vibration around money as well! You will also receive the Instant Joy Process mp3 to keep your vibration high along with tools to support the Healing MP3 so you are aligned with the abundance you wish to receive! Amy Flynn is a Facilitator of Consciousness, Change and Transformation who’ll quickly shift you into a high vibration of love and remembering who you truly are.



Jodi Chapman reconnect with soul meditation - jodi chapmanReconnecting with Your Soul guided meditation
Jodi Chapman

Bestselling author, Jodi Chapman, is happy to offer you her Reconnecting with Your Soul guided meditation for free! In this meditation, Jodi helps you tap into your divine wisdom and feel whole and complete knowing that your soul is always with you.



Michelle rosado“5 Principles for Using Your Mind to Overcome Obstacles.”
Michelle Cruz Rosado

In this mini-course, inspirational speaker and best-selling author Michelle Cruz Rosado explains the five ways in which we can continuously live in the present moment and not give in to the egoic demands of others.
In her “5 Principles for Using Your Mind to Overcoming Obstacles,” Michelle can help you clarify your vision and confront your unconscious behaviors.
Discover your core genius, and learn how to earn more while working less to unlock the full potential of your mind and spirit.



Susan CampbellGetting Real Confidence: How to Build Unshakeable Self-Confidence (valued at $37)
Susan Campbell

This program offers practical tools for staying present and aware in the face of situations that generally push peoples’ buttons. Included are a number of confidence-building activities that people can easily put into practice immediately. To access this gift, visit, click on the link on the top center of the Home page, and the e-book will be sent to your in box within 24 hours.
Author of several best-sellers, Susan is a recognized leader in the Honesty Movement and a respected relationship coach with 45 years experience. She helps individuals, couples, and teams be more skillfully and compassionately honest. Her most recent books are: GETTING REAL, TRUTH IN DATING, and SAYING WHAT’S REAL.



Mind MoviesGet 6 Free Pre-Made Mind Movies ($234 value)
Natalie Ledwell

Get 6 Free Pre-Made Mind Movies
Focusing on the 6 key areas of life: Wealth, relationships, attracting the perfect woman, attracting the perfect man, spiritual fulfillment and health and fitness. Watch your pre-made Mind Movie once in the morning and once in the evening and you’ll quickly begin to enlist the help of the Universe to help you achieve your goals and desires faster and easier than you ever thought possible. Get your 6 free pre-made Mind Movies by clicking View Gift.



Beverly D. FlaxingtonCommunicate with Confidence!
Beverly D. Flaxington

“The Six Keys to Confident Communication” unveils the secrets to strong communication, whether in a one-to-one situation or standing in front of an audience. Two-time bestselling and Gold-award winning author Beverly Flaxington teaches you to take the focus off only what you need to say and expand it to how you are saying it, and to whom.



Deanna Heiliger 1“10 Benefits of Gratitude”
Deanna Heiliger

I believe gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions and acts we can demonstrate. If we can feel genuine gratitude, even for the events and people in our lives that seem “negative”, then we will truly begin to FLOURISH! This eBook gives reason behind this theory and includes 6 exercises to help YOU implement gratitude into your daily life!



Danny PettryConsumer Guide on Self-Publishing e-book
Danny Pettry

Do you dream of writing and publishing a book one day? Don’t self-publish your book until you read Danny Pettry’s Consumer Guide on Self-Publishing. Danny Pettry has written and self-published over 20 books. He shares valuable information on self-publishing that could save you a lot of money. You’ll get Danny Petry’s Consumer Guide to Self-Publishing when you join his FREE email newsletter today! Plus You’ll Get FREE Email Tips on Writing, Creating, and Self-Publishing.



Carol Whitaker Ridiculously Happy LowRes Cover for Website“Ridiculously Happy” eBook
Carol Whitaker

Carol Whitaker is the author of Ridiculously Happy! The Secret to Manifesting the Life & Body of Your Dreams. Carol is a highly sought after Life Transformation Expert and Lifestyle Fitness Mentor, she is well known for the amazing transformations she creates in her clients’ lives. Carol is a Media Expert and Motivational Speaker, she is passionate about inspiring and motivating women to create and manifest the life and body of their dreams. Visit to learn more about her services.
In this comprehensive book on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual components of manifestation, Carol Whitaker shows you how you too can have the life and body of your dreams by harnessing the power of your spirit and the inherent energy and light inside each of us to live your life exactly as you have imagined.



Allison Sutter HeadshotYou Were Born Rich Mastermind Class
Allison Sutter

Join Allison in an 11 week complimentary You Were Born Rich Mastermind teleconference class. If you have ever wondered how to get better results, this class is for you. Gather with others in an energy of giving and receiving and learn to use the natural Laws of the Universe to create your desired results.
Send an email to with “YWBR MM” in the subject line to apply.



Snowden McFall

The Top 20 Tips to Get and Stay Fired Up! Free Report
Snowden McFall

Want to learn how to get the right attitude, harness the power of enthusiasm, and achieve any goal? In this power-packed report, you’ll learn surefire techniques to put your vision into action. Learn SPECIFICALLY what to do to manifest your dreams. See how one Avon woman used these tools to create an $8 million business!
Snowden McFall, speaker and 5 time author, is a 30 year entrepreneur. Her book Fired Up!, sold 65,000 copies. Her newest book is Stress Express: 15 Instant Stress Relievers. The U.S.SBA named Snowden National Women in Business Advocate of the Year which led to a White House ceremony & Congressional luncheon in her honor.
Snowden was featured on 320 radio shows, CNN Financial News, Bloomberg Television and in Success Magazine, Investors Business Daily and as an expert on burnout.



Sunil and Kristen SharmaInner Peace Meditation Collection – with Dr. Sunil Sharma and Kristen Sharma
Dr. Sunil Sharma
Kristen Sharma

This collection includes a 10 minute guided mediation with Dr. Sunil Sharma and one meditation healing song with Kristen Sharma, the founders of the Meditation Institute. ( This collection is designed to create inner peace and take the listener to a higher level of consciousness.



Kimberly PalmFree 60 minute Stress Assessment/Consultation
Kimberly Palm, C.M.I.

Are you tired, overwhelmed or stressed out? Do have health problems, relationship problems, time management issues or money worries? Do you have a problem with work-life balance? If you answered yes to any of these, then it’s time to do something about it. Stress causes 98% of illness in the body, so if you don’t learn how to manage all of the 5 major areas of stress in your life, you cannot live a healthy and happy life. If you want to change your life and start living it better you need to act now. To get your FREE assessment/consult, please contact Kimberly at Make sure when you fill out the form to mention “Zlatoslava Petrak” in the comments.
Kimberly Palm, C.M.I. is the owner of Body & Mind Healing LLC. She is a Stress Management Coach, Medical Intuitive, Certified Meditation Instructor, Mindfulness Expert, Author and Public Speaker. Kimberly is the creator of the P.E.A.C.E. TM Stress Management System, a unique program based on 20 years of research that helps people to manage all 5 areas of stress in their life.



Dr. Cynthia ThaikFree ebook – Your Vibrant Heart: Restoring Health, Spirit & Strength from the Body’s Core
Dr. Cynthia Thaik

Nourish your physical heart by recognizing it as your emotional and spiritual center
Have you been looking for a more holistic approach to heart health that goes beyond the old mantra of counting calories and checking cholesterol levels?
While your “numbers” are important, it’s essential to recognize that life is truly a gift and your heart is much more than just a biological muscle.
In her new book, Your Vibrant Heart, Harvard-trained cardiologist Dr. Cynthia Thaik comes from her heart to teach you how this amazing organ is also an emotional center that signifies energy, vibrancy, love, happiness, vitality, strength and spirit.



Sandra FidelisThe “Ultimate Dating Confidence” Package
Sandra Fidelis

You are Smart, Successful and Single…now all you need is the ‘Ultimate Confidence’ to attract your perfect Love match!
Your ‘Ultimate Dating Confidence’ Package Includes:
10 Signs He’s Totally Into You & 10 Sings He’s Not! – eBook
Powerful “Dating Confidence” Guided Meditation mp3



Leah LevkowitzLife Purpose Breakthrough to Brilliance with Divinely Guided Success
Leah Levkowitz

Get Clear Intuitive Direction to Make a Greater Impact fulfilling your Life Purpose. Be Free to express yourself with intuitive clarity from your soul. Begin the Journey with this Free Transformational Video Series to connect with your Intuition and Spirit Guides; and 5-Step System to Eliminate Fear and Self-Sabotage and be Empowered with Joy, Passion and Purpose.



by Lori Lynn SmithPersonal Growth Seekers Tool Box
Lori Lynn Smith

Are you a seeker? Are you someone making a search or inquiry? Are you seeking after truth? Are you seeking more in-depth information on your journey of personal growth and development? If you said yes to any or all of these questions then you are a seeker! And we are glad that you made it to us! Over the years we have put together several great resources. We wanted to gather them all together and package them up for you.
• Discover Your Life Purpose
• The New Passionate You – Digital Book and Work book
• The 5 Myths of Self Care – Digital Book and MP3
• The First 10 Steps to Extreme Self Care



Kathi CaseyTop Twelve Stress Busters
Kathi Casey

Top Twelve Stress Busters – an information packed special report from Kathi Casey, The Healthy Boomer Body Expert. Twelve simple techniques that easily fit into your busy schedule, don’t cost a penny and take very little time – a must have in today’s fast paced world! Stress is inevitable, but you can learn how to change your reactions to stressful situations and find some peace and calm in the storm. As a special bonus, Kathi has included all 4 of her guided relaxation meditation tracks as downloadable MP3’s. With four different time options, these lovely and relaxing meditations will help you relax anytime you need it and enjoy a more restful night’s sleep.



Kate MichelsGoals & Proven Strategies For Success Free Ebook Offer $19.95 value
Kate Michels

Kate Michels, Core Alignment Specialist, Transformational Trainer, keynote speaker, coach and best selling author brings you GPS for Success; a successful book dedicated to you having clear directions in reaching your goals. The more in alignment one is with their true self the easier it is for one to get where they truly want to go.
The book features best-selling authors Stephen R. Covey (Seven Habits of Highly Effective People), Dr. John Gray (Men from Mars, Women from Venus), Les Brown (Power of Purpose) and others. Included are Kate’s five steps to success which give the directions to easily achieve what one truly wants. Thus Kate is honest when she says “miracles happen every day”.



Christine RanckFree Download, Get Ignited! bilateral soundtrack
Christine Ranck

The soothing music and nature sounds of this 10-minute Get Ignited! music track incorporates “bilateral” sound–that oscillates from one ear to the other, instead of stereo—to achieve profound relaxation and heightened creativity. Used w/headphones, bilateral sound is proven to enhance creativity. (Studies show bilateral sound dramatically increases communication between right and left brain, heightening brain/nervous system efficiency.) Increase your memorization skills, study more effectively, retrieve lost memories, and help w/falling and staying asleep, or create a peaceful, meditative environment.



Donald Gordon Carty3 Free eBooks, dozens of Free Success and Inspirational Mp3 Downloads, A Free Personality Profile and much, much more.
Donald Gordon Carty

Renowned for their expertise in coaching and guiding personal potential and transformation, Donald Gordon Carty, awaken Forums ( and the Personal Development Institute (, are offering these 5 Free Gifts, and more; (1) “A World of Wisdom” ebook, (2) “Achieve Your Goals eworkbook, (3) and “The Reality of the Unseen” ebook. (4) Dozens of free Success audio downloads. (5) A free Personality Profile and more. Enjoy.
($497 USD value)



Maya White“Manifest Your Best Life Using Astrology – Secrets of the Stars.”
Maya White – Master Destination Astrologer

Maya is the creator of Hay House’s “Easy Astrology Oracle Cards and Guidebook – Unlock Your Inner Guide”
She is also one of only 90 people in the world certified in Astro*Carto*Graphy, a branch of astrology that helps you find your best place on the earth for success and happiness.
Please enjoy Maya’s free e-book: “Manifest Your Best Life Using Astrology – Secrets of the Stars.”
You’ll gain 5 practical and easy to use tips astrological tips which can immediately shift your perspective on yourself and other people. The information in this e-book will provide you with tools to help you quickly analyze human behavior, and understand hidden and even unconscious motivations.
Visit her web site at:



Lisa Bloom 1“Using Stories to Get Great Clients” eBook and a transformational “Business Breakthrough” Story Coaching Session ($300 Value)
Lisa Bloom

Lisa Bloom, founder of Story Coach Inc. helps entrepreneurs and business owners beat overwhelm, stress and discomfort with marketing to find confidence, attract ideal clients and make more money by finding their success story.
Lisa is offering her ebook “Using Stories to Get Great Clients” and a transformational “Business Breakthrough” Story Coaching Session ($300 Value) where you’ll uncover the challenges that are jeopardizing your business success, de-stress your marketing and leave the session re-energized to make your business highly profitable. You’ll move from anxiety to authenticity, from stress to simplicity. It IS personal and it’s all about the story you tell!



Ian LawtonInner Peace Eretreat
Ian Lawton

Take a journey deep into your peaceful essence with this Inner Peace Eretreat. Receive one session each weekday for 4 weeks by email. Each session includes tips, affirmations and visualizations to remind you of how blissful life is.



Larry CraneI’m on a mission to show you how to have financial freedom and live the lifestyle you deserve
Larry Crane

Will you accept $3,125.00 worth of free gifts from me (including unlimited personalized telephone support) if I can guarantee I can help you get rid of all of your financial and health problems?
My name is Larry Crane. I’m a self-made millionaire, researcher, best-selling author, and teacher. I’ll show you how to get rid of your limitations with ease.
I’ll show you how to naturally (without struggle) enter into a blissful state of peace where you’ll automatically start receiving more abundance and positive experiences in all areas of your life.
Right away, I’ll give you a free seminar interview, demonstrating to you how this system works. It can change the entire rest of your life for the better.



Estra RoellManifesting Your Life’s Work Meditation Bundle
Estra Roell, America’s Life Purpose Coach™

Three short and powerful meditations
Wake Up with Light: Start your day calling in the higher light and pre-paving your day with light.
I Have Value: Get in touch with your Higher Self and tune in to your value as a person.
Attracting Your Life’s Work: Relax and imagine your ideal life, engaged in doing work you love and in alignment with your highest purpose.



Dr. Karen Kan“5 Free Fast Track Your Healing Classes & Excerpt of Best-Selling Book ‘Guide to Healing Chronic Pain'”
Dr. Karen Kan

Sign up Here ( to receive your very own personal copies of Dr. Karen’s popular online webinar classes that reveal simple yet powerful techniques to fast track your healing right away. Topics include how to harness the law of attraction for healing, the essentials of muscle testing, how to let go of emotional baggage that’s impacting your health and much more! And as an added bonus, you’ll also receive your very own personal copy of the first 6 chapters of Dr. Karen’s best-selling book “Guide to Healing Chronic Pain: A Holistic Approach.”



Laura ClarkHow to Maintain Courage in the Moment of Self Doubt 5 min audio~ PDF Document ~ guided meditation
Laura Clark

Ever feel your self-doubt rising? Ever feel timid? Fearful? It’s okay ~ Even the Bravest of the Brave do! Discover how you can face it, release it and step forward~ how you can Maintain Courage in those Pesky Moments of Self Doubt. Let Soul Wise Living Support You & Grab your Courage Creation Kit!



Dawn Clark Activating Your Source Code for Money and Success
Dawn Clark

What if you could unlock your potential by upgrading your soul’s hidden operating system? What if you could get rid of interference in your life’s vibrational frequency, just as you would eliminate a virus infecting your computer’s operating system? Your struggle would be over! You would realize your hopes, your dreams, your passions–the very essence of your soul! Watch this amazing Video Training and discover how you can Activate your Source Code for Money and Success!



Linda SimmonGift of Prosperity,Happiness and Abundance Through the Use of Hypnotherapy. Free Session.
Linda Simmon

My gift to you is the Gift of Prosperity,Happiness and Abundance through the use of hypnotherapy. Take a moment and look at the life you are living. If it is not exactly where you want to be, it may be time to re-evaluate how you are living, thinking and dreaming. Is it possible that have you put a lid on your dreams, blocked your hopes and allowed yourself to become resigned to settling for less? Hypnotherapy can help you break that lid and point you in the right direction. Enjoy this free session as my gift to you.
After over 25 years as a paralegal, Linda Simmon decided it was time to change her life and she is now the Owner of New Beginnings and is a highly sought after consultant, hypnotherapist, life coach, and speaker. For more information on Linda and services available, visit



Evelyn Brooks3-Way Guilt & Stress Blaster $97 Value
Evelyn Roberts Brooks

Evelyn Roberts Brooks is an author (“You Were Born to Triumph”), success coach and speaker who helps people dump their stress, get into the wow, and lead a more empowering and joyful life. Your gift of Evelyn’s 3-Way Guilt & Stress Blaster ($97 value) contains “River Walk” 25-minute guided imagery meditation MP3, “Guilt, Blame & Shame Dissolver” MP3, and “Rip Off Inferior Labels,” a chapter from her bestselling stress management book, “Forget Your Troubles.”



Marni Spencer-DevlinMEDITATE – Discover The Giant Within
Marni Spencer-Devlin

Whether we feel overwhelmed, burned out, scared, depressed, anxious, sick or poor – every problem we face is because, at the time, we are not aligned with the power within. Meditation has been practiced all over the world for thousands of years because it is such a robust tool to help us connect to our true self.
Marni Spencer-Devlin offers a unique, easy-to-learn technique that can create mind-blowing connection with your inner self and with the vast consciousness that sustains you – without sitting in painful pretzel positions or clearing the mind of thoughts first – I mean heck, if we could do that we wouldn’t need to meditate. Right?! Marni not only offers the eBook but also the audio version of the book so that you can really deepen your learning and make the technique all your own. And then Marni gives you two powerful, guided meditations so you can practice, and for those days when you need a little extra help silencing the inner critic.



Shelly Mazer“10 Steps to Your New Career”
Shelly Mazer

Ready for the right job? A new career or business? Take these clear-cut steps to discover the career move that’s the right match for your talents and personality, and aligned with your values. You’ll also learn two secrets for presenting yourself in the best light to prospective employers & clients.
Shelly Mazer is a success coach who combines her business expertise with the best sales and speaking techniques into a powerful set of tools that are highly effective in both personal and business settings. Take a chance and Step into the Possibilities…



Julie Joyce Book Tour RadioFree Copy of “The Cancer Free Grocery List”
Julie Joyce

1 in 3 people in the United States will get Cancer in their lifetime. “The Cancer Free Grocery List” from “Cancer Free Radio” can help you to protect yourself and your family from being part of that statistic. Cancer Fighters are foods that help to eradicate abnormal cells from the body while nurturing your immune system to enable healthy cells to flourish. Fill Your Shopping Cart with these Cancer Fighting Foods!



Lisa Marie RosatiHow To Create Your Goddess Life Recipe Workbook
Lisa Marie Rosati

Passionista and Visionary Lisa Marie Rosati is a renowned Inner Goddess Catalyst for women, Creatrix of The Goddess Lifestyle Plan & Sugar Free Goddess and co-author of the international best selling book – “Embracing Your Authentic Self”. Lisa mentors women around the world on how to become a Modern Day Goddess by teaching them how to strategize and optimize each key area of their life so they can experience a luscious goddess life overflowing with red-hot passion, vibrant health, entrepreneurial success, practical magic, sacred ritual, feminine mystery, spiritual connection and prosperity. The first step to becoming a Modern Day Goddess is awakening YOUR Inner Goddess from her deep slumber and identifying what “things” please her … then you can use the knowledge to coax her out to play! Discover Your Goddess Life Recipe inside the pages of this effective and magical workbook. Let the party begin!



Charlene Day 1The Gift That Keeps On Giving!
Charlene Day

This bonus gift is one of the universal laws successful entrepreneurs apply in order to increase their abundance. It includes seven daily practices that allow you to experience the flavor of the law until it is second nature. These practices highlight the power of “thought energy” and how to best utilize that energy to create entrepreneurial results that “flow.”



Toni LaMottaLessons from the Dragonfly
Dr. Toni LaMotta

A video meditation by Dr. Toni LaMotta, the Midlife Mentor, for people in midlife and beyond – to see life transitions as an opportunity for spiritual growth – as we learn to age more consciously and gracefully.



Arianne Georgia Moore5 Steps to the Path of Tranquility E-Book
Arianne Moore-Armstrong

Creating tranquility in one’s life is not just a possibility -it’s a core element of true happiness. The 5 steps to the Path of Tranquility e-book will help women that struggle with stress, overwhelm, and self-judgment understand that freedom to live passionately is just at their fingertips.



Marilyn StrongGetting Paid to Pay Attention – Free Chapters
Marilyn Strong

Two free chapters of “Getting Paid to Pay Attention”. Psychiatrist Dr. Edward (Ned) Hallowell, Adult ADHD expert says that “Marilyn Strong’s honest, human approach to conquering common business challenges sets this book apart from the rest.” Transform your struggling business into a vibrant success by tackling the ADD/ADHD characteristics of procrastination, distraction and hyper-focus that causes Business A.D.D.



Rochelle Melander,Write-A-Thon: Write Your Book in 26 Days (and Live to Tell About It)
Rochelle Melander

Want to write a book? This handy excerpt will get you started. Rochelle Melander is a certified professional coach, speaker, and the author of ten books, including Write-A-Thon: Write Your Book in 26 Days (and Live to Tell About It). Melander teaches professionals how to write good books fast, create a social media presence, and connect with readers. Visit her online at



Peggy NolanMeditation on Breath
Peggy Nolan,
Queen of Fab and certified yoga teacher

Your Soul is Calling – Will You Answer? It’s a daily mad dash – your kids, spouse, work, and all the other demands pulling you left and right. It’s time to slow down and press pause. Meditation on Breath is a 3 minute time out you can take anytime you hear your soul calling you back to center.



Mary E Pritchard10 Signs Your Inner Goddess Is Calling You
Mary E. Pritchard, PhD, HHC
Awakening the Goddess Within

The 10 Signs Your Inner Goddess is Calling You eworkbook is my gift to you. Think of it as a sacred guide to support you in removing the layers of veils preventing you from embracing the truth of who you are: a Goddess here to shine your inner light and illuminate the world with your gifts.



Cathy LumsdenMy True Self App
Cathy Lumsden

My True Self helps people to understand themselves in order to improve or start a new relationship. When we know our old patterns that create havoc in our lives we can choose to shift them and see our true beauty and innate talents . This app also helps people align with their spirituality. When we give up our old ways we then open to our True Self.



Julia Maria LloydDiscover Your Sacred Money Archetypes -Your Money DNA!
Julia Maria Lloyd, founder of The Radical Bliss Business Academy

Grab your FREE Assessment, and a series of 6 emails revealing some of the gifts and challenges of your money archetypes! These will help you to immediately start unraveling some of your greatest money puzzles! There is also a juicy extra gift awaiting you on the other side!
Julia is a Business Success Coach, a Certified Sacred Money Archetypes Coach, and a Certified Money, Marketing and Soul Coach. She teaches women a ground-breaking business model that dissolves money blocks for empowered success.



Sim Thiam-Ling IAmWealthMagnetI am Wealth Magnet eBook
Thiam-Ling Sim

Are You Ready To Learn the Secrets To Attract Your Wealth and Success Indefinitely through My eBook “I Am Wealth Magnet”?
How can this eBook help you:
• Enable you to build your wealth and success sustainability and indefinitely.
• Help you to discover the success secrets that posses by the successful people in the world.
• Eliminate your negative thinking, stress and fear that stops you to get succeed.



Sylvia Coleman11 Traits of the Wealthy to Turn Your Passion Into Profits Blueprint
Sylvia Coleman

This blueprint gives you the inside scoop on the key traits that have led some of the most well-known people in the world to achieve wild success! You will learn: how to overturn obstacles using a strategy from the founder of Netflix, a proven way to turn a “No” into a “Yes” using a technique employed by multi-millionaire Magic Johnson. And more! (Value $97, Yours FREE)



Carma Spence“Money Loves Attention: 3 Actions You Can Start Taking Today that Will Welcome Money Into Your Life”
Carma Spence

How can you, simply and easily, attract more money into your life?
Learn about the energy of money and why treating it with love and respect can positively affect your bottom line
Discover three ways you can give money the attention it craves so that it will become more abundant in your life.
Identify ways that you have been pushing money away … without realizing it!



Rhonda Joy Eagle“Discover Your Soul Song” e-book and free Soul Discovery Empowerment session
Rhonda Joy Eagle, Inspiring Body Mind and Soul

Rhonda Joy Eagle is a body/mind therapist and a Shamanic Sound Healer. Rhonda specializes in the treatment of trauma, and related pain, incorporating personal empowerment and cutting edge vibrational techniques. Rhonda connects people to their inner wisdom through individual sessions, group and shamanic ceremonies.
Congratulations on taking the first step to create more positive change in your life with my “Discover Your Soul Song” e-book and free Soul Discovery Empowerment session! I can help you awaken your inner power and gifts easily and quickly. I have developed a reliable system that helps you to focus and discover the essential parts of yourself, release what no longer serves you and create the circumstances to improve your life to its absolute best.
I invite you to experience a 30 minute complementary session so that you may get the flavor of what may unfold as well as to receive my e-book, “Discover Your Soul Song”.



Sally K. O'BrienOne Week Distant Reiki Energy Healing for You and Your Family
Sally K. O’Brien

Sally K. O’Brien is an Amazon best-selling author, Reiki Master, and a Reiki Master Teacher. Author of Love Offerings to the Universe, Sally has been a Reiki Master practitioner for 18 years, a teacher of all three Usui levels and Karuna Reiki® levels for 12 years, and has offered distant Reiki energy healing for six years.
Gift Value $100
To receive your bonus, click the “Gift Link” and in the “Your Question” box, type in Zlatoslava’s launch” and instead of three days, you will receive one week of Reiki distant energy healing for yourself and your loved ones 24 hours a day for one week. Or email me at and put in the Subject line Zlatoslava’s launch.



Dr. Susan ShumskyDr. Susan Shumsky’s Free Divine Revelation Gift Package
Dr. Susan Shumsky

1. FREE 7-minute “Guided Mini-Meditation”
2. FREE 30-Minute Lecture: “Divine Revelation–How to Hear the Voice of God”
3. FREE 90-minute Teleseminar: “Healing Psychic Sponge Syndrome”
4. A $50 coupon towards any spiritual retreat or a $100 coupon towards any tour listed at
5. FREE Access to our Weekly Miracle Prayer Circle Teleconference
Dr. Susan Shumsky has dedicated her life to helping people take command of their lives in highly effective, powerful, positive ways. She is a best-selling, award-winning author of 10 books, foremost spirituality expert, pioneer in the consciousness field, highly-acclaimed, greatly respected speaker, and has taught spiritual disciplines for over 45 years. She studied with enlightened masters in secluded areas, including the Himalayas and the Alps. For 22 years, her mentor was Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, guru of the Beatles and of Deepak Chopra. She served on Maharishi’s personal staff for 7 years. She founded Divine Revelation®, a technology for contacting the divine presence, hearing and testing the inner voice, and receiving clear divine guidance.



Malinda ZarateTHE ENERGY OF THE HEART Audio – 1 hour in length
Malinda Zarate of Emboldened Heart

The Energy of the Heart has recently been discovered as being stronger than brain waves, with a much farther reach in its effect. This audio will provide amazing information regarding your heart and how its energy affects not only you, but those around you. Becoming aware of how you can work with the energy of your heart can truly transform your life.



Guy FinleyThe Illusion of Limitation
Guy Finley

The Illusion of Limitation is a life-changing 6-hour MP3 audio program from Guy Finley. Discover powerful and practical secrets for awakening and realizing your ultimate potential as a human being. Learn to act boldly and decisively, be more productive, shed negative thoughts and feelings, and live in the deep abiding peace of a quiet mind.
This is a REAL product that is currently for sale on Guy’s site for $29.95 – you can get it here for FREE!



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASuccess Made Easy MasterMind Group
Lisa Long

This is an eleven-week study that will change the course of your life! During the course of this free, dynamic, 11-week study, you will learn how to apply to your life the foundational principles of Bob Proctor’s bestselling book, You Were Born Rich!
($197 Value!) Use code “Triumph” in the referred by line and it’s free for you.



Edie Weinstein15 minute free Skype BLISS coaching session.
Rev. Edie Weinstein

Do you want a life that sings and soars? What lights you up from the inside?
Bliss Coaching with Edie will allow you to set intention and take the steps needed to see it through to manna-festation. She acts as a guide who offers portable life skills that you can put into practice immediately personally and professionally with the support of someone who has ‘been there, done that, got the t-shirt’. Although she has been a career therapist for over 30 years, coaching is not therapy. BLISS= Brilliant Loving Intuitive Safe Service.



Colleen HumphriesThe ABC’s of Deliberately Creating Your Life eBook
Colleen Humphries

Have you ever thought that you would like to rewrite the story of your life? Well there’s good news. You can! Take control of your life in any area, and have fun doing it. Learn how to create your life the way you want it vs. having life happen to you.Learn the basics of the Law of Attraction and how it works. Learn how our thought, beliefs, and emotions create situations in our lives. Learn simple techniques to start to shift your energy to create your life the way you want it. Learn that you can be, do and have everything you want in life. It’s your birth right! Don’t let life just happen, be the director of it!



Josée SmithBoost Your Energy Starting Now kit
Josée Smith, No Excuse Health Coach

Are you overwhelmed? Stressed? Wish you had more energy to get through your day? Discover 3 simple strategies to Melt away Stress and Boost your Energy along with 5 proven techniques to free up your time so you can maximize your productivity and achieve more of what you want.
Imagine getting through your day with grace and ease and feeling healthier and happier!



Kellie R. Stone7 Steps to Living on Purpose
Kellie R. Stone (Founder of Women’s LifeLink, Journey to Purpose Coach, and passionate messenger to women)

7 Steps to Living on Purpose imparts juicy life tips and doable action steps that stimulate discovery or re-connection to your authentic self. This transformational guide accelerates confidence and motivation to cultivate a harmonious relationship with your inner dreams, passions, and purpose.



Irina BenedictHow to Transcend Limitations and THRIVE! eBook and a Strategic Achievement Coaching session.
Irina Benedict

GIFT # 1: Limited by time, expectations, lack of support? Get this eBook revealing Strategic Achievements Secrets to create a new vision and achieve what matters most! Use the Self-assessment Tool inside, determine where you are now and learn about the 9 steps to the Authentic, Empowered and Connected YOU to THRIVE in life and in business!

GIFT # 2: One free hour of Strategic Achievement Coaching with Irina Benedict BSc. PEng. Strategic Intervention Coach, Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes Certified ($111 value)



Dan WeigoldFree 30 minute coaching session
Dan Weigold

Are you living the life you want to live? Find out in this powerful laser focused coaching session. Start living the life you want to live. Start living a happier more fulfilling life right now.



Dr. Monica MoldovanMerry-go-round fun healing visualization!
Monica Moldovan

Dr. Monica Moldovan’s compelling personal story of discovering her healing gifts in the hard conditions of the small iron mining town in Romania of her childhood sets the stage for her equally remarkable journey as a physician to the United States where she expanded her understanding of the effects of subtle energies on the physical body. Her medical training combined with her practice of holistic nursing integrates her over 15 certifications in complementary/alternative modalities into her practice to help individuals access their greatest healing potential. Her joyful voice and demeanor alone inspires and melts hearts into wellness.

Merry-go-round fun healing visualization!
Do you want a quick pick me up? Or to shift and align in an playful way?
Than this guided visualization may be just the support for you!



Jacqueline JLove JacksonBrillionaire Success—How to Live & Prosper from Your Passion
Jacqueline JLove Jackson

Jacqueline JLove Jackson is a wellness coach, meditation teacher, and author of 7 Soul Seeds and the Brillionaire Success eBook trilogy. She created the Brillionaire Success series to inspire you to transform, live and prosper from your passion by practicing real and sustainable ways to share your passion with the world. Receive free access to her Sapphire Brillionaire Life Membership and Brillionaire Success eBooks at
My gift to you is “Brillionaire Success 1—How to Live & Prosper from Your Passion.” It is part of my 3-book series created to empower you to practice inspired action; believe in yourself; find your passion; balance your lifestyle; monetize your passion online; and, much more. Get all three eBooks. Together, they will help you soar above and beyond any perceived challenges to reach the most extraordinary lifestyle you can imagine yourself living. Extra Bonus: Access to my Sapphire Brillionaire Life Membership.



Daniel F. Parmeggiani“10 Daily Affirmations” downloadable poster
Daniel F. Parmeggiani

This high-resolution poster is designed for printing on standard or glossy 8.5″ x 11″ paper. It lists 10 empowering affirmations to generate inner peace. From Daniel Parmeggiani’s upcoming book, “The Magnificent Truths of Our Existence – Unlocking the deeper reality that guarantees permanent happiness.”



Genevieve KohnEnergize! Self-Care for Health Ebook
Genevieve Kohn, WellSource Community

We all know the basics of taking care of ourselves: How to eat, shower, brush our teeth. But there is a whole other level of caring for ourselves that I call Self-Care for Health. On this other level, we can care for ourselves so that we can give plenty to our loved ones WITHOUT depleting ourselves. Read how YOU can uplevel your self-care and start enjoying life! Click on View Gift to receive your free E-book.

Genevieve Kohn shows women ages 40+ how to reclaim their energy through non-punishing diet and exercise so they can have a life they love! She is a bestselling author, health coach, and energy healer. Genevieve lives in suburban Boston with her husband and two young sons (not to mention a very enthusiastic dog).



Lorene Collier PurcyThe Pathway to Winning: Ultimate Prosperity System
Lorene Collier Purcy

One sure way to boost your odds of becoming successful is to have a mindset geared toward success and wealth. Why? Because the actions you take on a daily basis stem directly from your state of mind. If you are ready to eliminate your financial struggles, get out of money survival mode and learn how to thrive financially in your life and/or business, I invite you to grab this resource! This resource guide includes over 45 of the BEST links to online success and wealth.



Vincent LeleuxEmpower Yourself & Achieve your highest dreams : 8 Free Manifestation Meditations
Vincent Leleux

Create The Life You Never Dare To Dream Of
Clear All Your Blocks, Connect To Your Inner Power, Experience Happiness
Empower yourself & Achieve Your highest dreams
Manifesting Tools To Help Heart-Centered Connected People to Create the Life of Their Dreams”
Clear All Your Blocks – Connect To Your Inner Power – Experience Happiness (Live Your Highest Dreams)
Join Our Newsletter And We’ll Send You 8 Free Manifestation Meditations Recorded From The Ground Up To Empower You to Achieve Your Dreams



Jennifer ColfordSay ‘Yes!’ to Mariachi: Leap Out of Your Comfort Zone
Jennifer Colford

A special report by Jennifer Colford, International Best Selling author of Managing Mothering: Simple Shifts to Help You Become the Best Mom on the Planet.
Could your perceived limitations be holding you back from living the life you really want? Learn why you need to get out of your comfort zone and get tips to show you how.



ZelmaThe First Three Steps

Zelma – The First Three Steps on the Path to Live Your Dream
Zelma’s unique delivery system through music provides you with guidance and the basic steps to take toward living your dream every day while surrounding you with love and support for every step you take! You know how songs get stuck in your head? Well, Zelma has created a very unique sound which you will find yourself singing over and over and as you do so, you sing yourself through the steps of LIVING YOUR DREAM! We like to call it ‘Edutainment’ and Zelma is ready to share these first 3 steps with you absolutely FREE!



Gabrielle Conde TalleyDiscover Your Money Blocks Session
Gabrielle Conde Talley

Find what is blocking you from aligning your spark for more money and action steps.




Dan LeFaveFREE content-rich “Stepping Stones to Success” E-Chapter
Dan LeFave

Grab this E-Chapter and you will learn:

  • The #1 thing you need to do in your life so you continually get better results moving forward (it’s not what you think).
  • Is fear of failure or not being perfect stopping you from getting results? Dan will show you a simple fear-busting technique you can use right away.
  • How to turn the dreaded thought of “I could have done this better” into the perfect opportunity for you to design your life immediately the way you like.



Thomas HultgrenCreate music at home and in the studio eBook
Thomas Hultgren

The book “Create music at home and in the studio” is made for musicians that want to learn how to cooperate with professional music studios, and start doing excellent high quality recordings at home to bring into the studio. This free special edition is a pre-release of the upcoming comprehensive book.



Rachel M GuglielmoThe Power of Mentorship – Practicing daily meditation to increase abundance in your life!
Rachel M Guglielmo

One of the most under utilized techniques to creating abundance is meditation. What exactly is meditation and how can you begin to use this ancient art to increase abundance? Meditation has been practiced by people all over the world, since the beginning of time, and with good reason. Start to create inner peace and really design your reality – start with daily meditation.