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Enjoy these powerful live events and workshops that inspire, empower and uplift. Awaken wellbeing, wealth and success consiousness and become a magnet for the good that you desire.

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  • Results & Business Boosting Retreat

    Zoe Petrak

    Results & Business Boosting Retreat by Zoe Petrak offers most effective advanced core strategies and tools for aligning yourself for maximum performance, extraordinary results and fulfillment. It provides the finest resources and mega strategies that exist for creating an extraordinary quality of life.

  • Thriving Entrepreneurs Power Walk (Weekly)

    Zoe Petrak

    Power Walk is a Unique Meetup – it is fun, easy and healthy way to spend time outdoors, establish new business contacts & connections, and meet great people wile refreshing & empowering yourself, your body, your mindset and your emotions with a nice walk and empowering strategies

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    Powerful Live Seminar in Toronto: “You Are A Winner! Mastering the Secrets of Success”

    $599.00 $259.99

    Zoe Zlatoslava Petrak

    Life-changing, Powerful Personal Development Live Seminar in Toronto!
    This event is designed to help you master the laws of success to increase your results dramatically and maximize your profit. This Renowned Powerful Transformational Seminar is created with sheer inspiration and high quality knowledge. An Environment, that inspires Transformatioin of Your Habitual Inner Programming, so you can Transform Your Results & Live the Life You Desire and Deserve!

    Discover Real Riches, Celebrate Joy, Happiness, Abundance of Who You Really Are!


  • Coming Soon: Live Online Ongoing Biweekly Workshop: The Art of Prosperity and Wellbeing

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    Zoe Zlatoslava Petrak

    Live Online Ongoing Biweekly Workshop.

    Awaken Wealth and Success Consciousness to experience real breakthroughs in your career, finances, relationships, feelings and thoughts. Recall who you really are and live the life you are meant to. It is biweekly workshop, the price of each class is $39.99. To register for the next class click Learn More button below.