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    “I Am Who I Really Am! Raising My Self-Esteem, Confidence and Love” Affirmation/ Meditation MP3

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    Zoey Petrak

    Profound, powerful and priceless Self-Esteem Affirmation/Meditation that helps to increase level of self-esteem, worthiness, love and awaken wealth and success consciousness that is within. It helps to become aware of who you really are and connect with the Source of Infinite Wellbeing, Abundance and Prosperity. It helps to believe in, activate and apply the power within yourself to achieve your personal, professional and financial goals. It helps to develop a mindset that is essential for attraction of wealth and success in any aspect of your life.

  • The True Search of the Soul


    Zoey Gold Petrak (aka Zlatoslava Petrak)

    Become aware of your real wisdom. Find out what lies behind all goals, plans and desires. Become aware of the true search of the soul. Let this eBook help you recall what you already know within.

  • Be Calm and Peaceful All the Time


    Zoey Gold Petrak (aka Zlatoslava Petrak)

    For a limited time only get this Amazon Best Seller for Free! From natural application of the laws that govern our universe, author Zoe Zlatoslava Petrak went on to studying these laws from the wise of this world.