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Learn Faster and Easier Ways to Publish Your Book Successfully!

“I am not a publisher. I am a best selling author, and I teach authors how they can publish their books easily and quickly and save tons of money ant time.”


This Amazing Webinar Will Cover:


How to Publish Easily and Quickly and and Save Tons of Money and Time:

• What does it Mean, and How to Self Publish with Print on Demand Companies

• How to choose a publisher (what to look for, research)

• What publishing services are really useful and necessary

• What’s important and what’s not in terms of choosing a publisher

• Pros and cons of different kinds of publishing

• How to do design, layout, cover

• How to protect the rights

• How to deal with editing

• How to get an ISBN number

• Traditional Publishing

• How to publish eBook on Amazon by yourself for FREE

• How to publish eBook on by yourself for FREE



Publish a Book Easily and Quickly! Webinar is:


  • Online Workshop in the comfort of your own home
  • It includes recorded online training class (you can save MP3 of this class)



“Let Me Help Your Book See the World and the World to See Your Book!”


Dedicated Author Who Helps Authors and Wannabe Authors Succeed!






Publish a Book Easily and Quickly! Webinar


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