1-on-1 Work on Your Goals, Results, Vision, Mission, Purpose, Passion, Abundance, Success as well as Well-Being, Joy and Fulfillment in Business and Life

Strategic Results and Achievement Mentoring with Zoe Petrak is personal 1-on-1 work on your Goals, your Vision, Your Talents and Strengths, your Tangible Success, your Extraordinary Results as well as Spiritual, Mental, Physical and Emotional Well-Being and Fulfillment and Truly Abundant, Extraordinary, Blissful Life.

Zoe Petrak is a Strategic Results and Achievement Mentor certified by Robbins (Tony Robbins) Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention, an International Best-Selling Author and a Transformational Leader. Zoe works with organizations and individuals who are driven by compelling vision, purpose and mission and helps them bring their goals to reality.

Strategic Results Mentoring with Zoe is a proven, effective system that helps you tap into and strengthen Resources within you to achieve extraordinary results in business, finances and life. Zoe specializes in helping you break through limitations, unfold your true power and potential, get to the next level and achieve outstanidng results in business and life.

Zoe would love to help you make your goals, vision and dreams a reality.


So many personal performance issues come from an internal incongruity – a decision, identity, relationship, or belief structure that contradicts or limits your greater intention for your life. Zoe Petrak’s mentoring offers most effective advanced core strategies and tools for aligning yourself for maximum performance, extraordinary results and fulfillment and joy.

Strategic Results and Achievement Mentoring is a Unique Approach to Results, Success & Well-Being that Creates Environment Where People’s Lives are Transformed

Business/Career Growth & Financial Wealth
• Reach new level of success in business, career, professional life and finances; align your passion and purpose with successful business strategies for extraordinary results. Lead and empower, create, innovate and expand your business, career to the new heights, so you can leave a legacy and create a positive impact and difference for the greatest good of yourself, your loved ones and everyone involved.

Extraordinary Results & Extraordinary Life
•Reach a new level in personal growth, relationships and business/career, achieve extraordinary results and live a fulfilled, abundant, happy, blissful, extraordinary life to the fullest

Progress, Growth & Fulfillment
• Reach a new level in spiritual growth, personal growth, emotional maturity, fulfillment and live a blissful life full of balance, joy, love, gratitude, contribution, connection, authenticity & purpose

Enriched & Joyous Life
• Let go of fears, stress, limiting beliefs, inner turmoil, habits that don’t serve you and false “identity”. Tap into your true essence and potential, improve your self-esteem, find your true confidence & clarity, live in a beautiful state, awaken the Truth within, love and cherish who your really are, and live the live from your True Stand Point connected to your Core

Happiness, Love & Connection
• Reach a new level of fulfillment, happiness and joy in your personal, social life, romantic life and relationships and live a life full of joy, happiness and love, connection and passion



Zoe Will Inspire, Uplift and Empower You to Inner & Outer Success and Outstanding Results through Awakening the Truth and Power Within and Unleashing Your Inner Resources

80% of Success is Psychology/Mindset/Inner State and 20% are Skills, Plans and Actions. Zoe’s mentoring combines the best of both worlds, it is focused on Mindset and Inner Readiness for Success, when you are connected to your strengths, resources, talents, intelligence and power within you, as well as Actionable Strategies for Achievement of Your Gaols, as well as Happiness, Success, Fulfillment and Abundance.

You probably already heard that your habitual inner beliefs, key decisions you made a long time ago, the meaning you give to things, your perceptions which put you in a specific inner state are responsible for your decision making making, behavior, actions and your results. You probably already know that in order to change your results and reach your goals you have to start with your inner transformation first as well as actionable strategies, organized plans and actions. And maybe, you’ve even tried to work on yourself and bring those inner and outer changes. At times you succeeded, but it still often feels that no matter how hard you try you can’t implement the necessary changes to bring the results you desire. It still often feels that a lot of your actions are counterproductive or less productive then you want them to be. It feels like you can’t break through and don’t know how to get to the next level, or you want to get there faster and easier than ever before.

You have an infinite potential. You have an unlimited freedom: you are so free you can choose misery or bliss, you can choose limitations or triumph and living to your unlimited potential.

You have everything within you to live the life you desire and deserve. You might need some help to unleash your resources and greatness, awaken the truth within and recall who you really are, to become aware of how you can enable the power within and unfold your true potential.


You have all tools you need, you are whole and complete. I can help you become aware of it, become aware of tools you already have and use them in the way that will benefit you. I will help you unleash resources within you and strengthen them, so you can achieve anything you want in life.


What if you feel stuck at a particular level? What if effort does not help? What if knowledge does not bring the results you want? What do you do if you feel tired of constant struggles to make it work and solve the problems you are not sure what to do about?



What You Can Expect from Strategic Results and Achievement Mentoring with Zoe Petrak:

    1. Personal one-on-one work on your strengths, mindset, success skills, goals, mission and vision in order to make it a reality
    2. Unleash and strengthen resources within you to achieve extraordinary results
    3. Improve dramatically your relationship with inner and outer success, wealth and abundance in business and life
    4. Break through limitations and prepare for extraordinary success
    5. Expand your identity and develop the capacity to achieve outstanding results, and to overcome your own difficulties and challenges.
    6. Break old patterns, release limiting beliefs, inner blocks and limitations that have been stopping you and transform them into the fuel for extraordinary results
    7. Free yourself from mental “garbage” that weights you down and holds you back, such as: negativity, old emotional pain, sting, fears, anxiety, inner turmoil, limiting key decisions you made a long time ago, guilt and feelings of failure, lack of confidence, inner tension etc. Let go and thrive
    8. Let go of inner resistance and self-constrains to triumph, wealth and success
    9. Create strategic winning game action plan to close the gap from where you are to where you want to be
    10. Prepare for massive inspired actions that lead to desired results that are beyond any expectations
    11. Build an identity that will ensures that you produce results that last in a long term
    12. Bring out the best in you, perform at your best and turn your dreams into reality
    13. Actionable strategies, finest resources, technology, plans and effective tools for reaching a new level and extraordinary results in business and life
    14. Find clarity, authenticity, true purpose, mission, passion and vision, establish inner drive and gain powerful momentum to perform at your peak
    15. Raise your self-esteem, confidence, worthiness and love. Understand, accept and be at peace with yourself.
    16. Shift the paradigm naturally and easily, in order to be free, be yourself and express it in your business and financial results
    17. Connect with your True Power and Strength, unfold your True Potential and thrive
    18. Align with your true nature, goals, vision and mission


It is Not Just an Effective System for Extraordinary Results It is A Radiant Lifestyle

1-on-1 Sessions Also Include:

  1. Self-mastery: master your own mind and emotions instead of letting them use you, in order to become an invincible leader
  2. Master your inner state & prepare for massive inspired actions and results you’ve been waiting for
  3. Reevaluate your perception of yourself and the world from the Truth within and live in the state of joy, authenticity, ease, peace, happiness, freedom and lightheartedness
  4. Find perfect work and life balance and create an extraordinary quality of life
  5. Reevaluate your point of attraction and get on the same wavelength with the experiences and life you desire and deserve
  6. Open up to the free flow of wealth, happiness, success and well-being that is natural to you
  7. Achieve greater happiness, success, as well as better relationships, peak performance and communication skills
  8. Find alignment not only with yourself, but in your key relationships
  9. Find unconditional love, happiness, abundance, joy and bliss and enjoy life and the beautify of this world every moment  
  10. Enjoy the journey, grow and become the person you want to be, the person you Truly Already Are



Strategic Results and Achievement Mentoring is also about Fulfilled, Happy, Joyous, Abundant & Successful Life in All of Its Aspects

  1. Real self-identity through spiritual awareness
  2. Connecting with your True Core & your True Power
  3. Art of prosperity, well-being & fulfillment
  4. Science of happy, abundant and fulfilled living
  5. Get empowered to thrive in life, business & relationships
  6. Unfoldment of your True Potential
  7. Joyous ride to your Ultimate Destiny
  8. Perceiving the world through your True Standpoint
  9. Tell a new success story – Yours
  10. Extraordinary results that exceed your expectations
  11. Create lasting transformation at the level where you results are created




Tired of Waiting for Changes You Desire and Deserve? Stop Waiting for Some Day! It Is Time to Step Up! Now is the Time to Master Yourself, Your Results, Your Business, Your Finances and Your Life

Change is simple but it is not easy. You already know that in order to change habits whether internal or outer, it takes more than one day, one seminar or one book. In order to master anything whether it is a new language, sport or lifestyle it takes awareness, internalization, application and practice. This is what Zoe Petrak’s Mentoring Packages are designed for. The most amazing thing is that you can master yourself and your life. Like any other craft, it requires knowledge, system, guidance and a mentor. You will do it yourself, but you cannot do it alone. Unlike any other craft this mastery will help you shape yourself and transform your results and your life, so you can express the fullness of Who You Really Are here and now and live the expression of your True Self in every aspect of your life. This is a delicious experience. And you are ready for it. Let’s go!


What’s Your Level of Commitment to Self-Mastery, Results, Success and Fulfillment and Happiness?

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