Put Yourself in a Receiving Mode of the Good That You Desire

“Let me show you the easiest, powerful, resistance free way to prepare your mindset for success, wealth and well-being, reach any goal of your heart, unfold your infinite potential, establish a real basis for happiness, joy and triumph beyond any expectation, recall who you really are, so you can become anything you want to be, do what you love and live the life you are meant to.”


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Get Mentored by International Best-Selling Author
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Zoe Zlatoslava has been there, she knows how it is,
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Do You Want to Change Your Results in Any Aspect of Your Life?


  • Put Yourself in a receiving mode of the good that you desire
  • Have a MINDSET OF A WINNER: unconditionally wealthy, successful, positive and happy person
  • Build your wealth and success
  • Have an amazing, fulfilling career
  • Succeed in your business
  • Find and soul mate and have amazing, happy, loving relationships
  • Get in a good shape
  • Be happy, joyous, calm and peaceful
  • Reach your highest potential in all aspects of your life
  • Find real support, security and true fulfillment
  • Develop an unconditional self-esteem, self-confidence, worthiness and value
  • Establish a strong stable unconditional basis for a happy, joyous, prosperous, successful life
  • Or achieve any other dream or goal you can imagine


Prepare your Mind for Success!

6 Weeks Success & Abundance Immersion Program:

You Are A Winner!

The Path of Least Resistance to Happiness, Wealth and Success 

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You Are A Winner! Program is:

  • 6 weeks Success and Abundance Immersion Program in the comfort of your own home
  • It includes recorded online training classes for 6 weeks.
  • These are recorded online weekly classes from 1 hour to 1 hour 30 min long
  • Access to  your private page area where you can watch and download all the classes and provided materials
  • It includes easy, simple to do and powerful homework/practices to help you apply the knowledge, release resistance and get in a receiving mode of the good that you desire
  • It is a clear, easy to understand, but powerful and advanced paradigm shifting program 



You Are a Winner is an intensive highly structured and powerful program that will help you release the resistance to the good that you desire, put you in a receiving mode of triumph and well-being and develop a MINDSET OF UNCONDITIONAL SUCCESS that will positively impact every area of your life, and facilitate a positive, amazing, desired transformation in any aspect of it.









Zlatoslava PetrakHi, this is Zoe Zlatoslava Petrak,

My mission is to educate people, so they can help themselves reach their highest potential in all aspects of their lives and live their dreams.

The best time is NOW!

There are precise laws of the mind and laws of the Universe that work all the time, whether you know about them or not. When you grasp how they work you can apply this valuable knowledge to bring desired results to any aspect of your life.

“It is as easy to create a castle as a button” you just need to know what stands behind it.

  • It’s all about the Mind, your Mindset, your inner state
    The outer world is the mirror of what is going on within you.
  • Whether you want to find a soul mate
  • Find your path, passion, rewarding career and true fulfillment
  • Succeed in Business
  • Financial freedom
  • Be happy and live an amazing exiting life

You need to change the cause, in order to change your results. It all starts within.


Let me help you Recall Who YOU REALLY ARE,
So You can Unfold Your Real Potential!

How many people struggle and experience more lack and limitations than opportunities and breakthroughs, more mediocrity and failures than victories and success.

  • You know it’s about the mindset and the law of attraction – but how to actually do it, how to shift the habitual thoughts/feelings pattern?
  • How to remain in a positive state and not react on conditions when they are so real?
  • You blame your negative thoughts/feelings and habits and try to change them.
  • You try to change your negative habitual inner beliefs and your behavior.
  • You work really hard to change your circumstances and negative results.
  • You strain and apply so much effort, and get such minor results and find yourself in the same old circle again?


Your story is not going to change unless you change it!
The Real Change starts within!

with a unique concept of

You Are A Winner!


  • This Intensive Success Program will help you gain deeper understanding of the Law of Attraction and its foundation: the Law of Vibration. These laws operate whether you know about them or not. This program will help you gain deeper understanding of what is going on within you that attracts specific results and how to shift the paradigm (your habitual inner beliefs that often sabotage your success, create inner resistance and blocks to the good that you desire).
  • Expand your awareness and put yourself in the environment favorable to the unfoldment of your infinite potential.
  • Recall who you really are and awaken the clarity that is within you.
  • Align your thoughts and feelings with who you really are, and open up to the free flow of well-being that is always here.
  • Prepare yourself from within, release the resistance, let go of the limitations, so the desired results come to you naturally and effortlessly.
  • Put yourself in a receiving mode of wealth, success, well-being, bliss and triumph
  • Powerful Transformational tools and practices that can be applied on the go!

  • Practical applications of the Laws of Attraction: identify and eliminate hidden limiting habitual inner beliefs, thoughts and feelings that block and sabotage your success and replace them with the ones that benefit you, reflect your true potential and are in alignment with your goals.
  • Deliberately come into thought feeling alignment with your goals and desires
  • Deep, permanent, desired change at all levels of your consciousness.
  • Apply the knowledge you gain right away! See the results you long for!
  • Simple, easy, powerful and profound!



Are You Willing and READY to Move from ‘I Want, I hope and I wish” To ‘I AM”?


  • ‘I am ready to be who I really am’
  • ‘I would love to be mentored and inspired to success’
  • ‘I am willing to release resistance, blocks and limitations
    and live the life I desire and deserve!’


THE TIME of POWER IS NOW! – It’s Your Choice.


Open to the Free Flow of Unconditional
Wellbeing that is Always Here.

6 Weeks Success & Abundance Immersion Program:

You Are A Winner!

The Path of Least Resistance to Happiness, Wealth and Success 

Regular Price $1,357.00 US


For a limited time!

… Only $399.00 US






Eliminate Your Own Blocks and Limitations,
Release Resistance!

Open up to the Free Flow of Well-being,
Wealth and Success!

You have infinite potential. You were born with magnificent faculties. You have the significant power and ability within yourself to have the most amazing experiences and live the life of your dreams. There is a constant guidance, inspiration and well-being flowing at you and through you all the time, unless you block it. All the necessary components for the fulfillment of your goals and desires are all around you, and you can learn to utilize it.

Transformation Form the Inside Out!

What often happens is that you block the good that you desire with your limiting false inner beliefs. Your habitual negative mindset creates resistance to the free flow of happiness, abundance, and wellbeing that is always here. Thus you don’t allow yourself to be who you really are and you prevent the good that you desire from coming into your experience. Unless you change the cause that is within the same negative results will repeat again and again.

Master the Secrets of Success!

All you need is to become aware of what’s going on and how it really is, to recall what you really know deep within you, and bring the inner transformation. The change starts within.

Through this program we work with and change the cause so the desired results come easily and naturally. Your mindset, habitual inner beliefs govern your thoughts, feelings, responses, expectations, your behavior, your actions and your results. Your circumstances and experiences are the mirror of what is going on within you.

When you change the cause: your Mindset, when you change your habitual negative inner beliefs, your results have no other way but to change. They change easily, naturally and automatically. That’s the law, The Law of Attraction.


Align your thoughts and feelings with your goals and desired results, prepare for inspired actions and plans that lead to success. Fulfill the conditions for the unfoldment of perfect outcomes


In order to release inner resistance (blocks, produced by negative false inner beliefs) to the good that you desire, you have to be in a specific point of attraction, be in a specific inner state, where your goals: your chosen thoughts align, match, agree with your feelings about those thoughts. It’s not what you affirm in your conscious mind, it’s what you really mean, what you feel in your heart that matters. That influences your results.

In order to deliberately bring the inner transformation that leads to desired results, you have to be aware of the laws of the mind and laws of the Universe that operate all the time, you should know how to apply your knowledge on practice so it can benefit you, you should be aware of what is going on within you, and how you can change the Mindset that sabotages you.

This program will help you  put yourself in a receiving mode of the good that you desire, put yourself in the inner state and mindset of desire fulfilled and alignment with who you really are, so you become one of the cooperative components, which are favorable to the perfect unfoldement of your goals.


Awaken Wealth and Success Consciousness that is Within to Live the Life You’re Meant to with this Beyond Powerful Success Program!



Regular Price $1,357.00 US

For a limited time!

… Only $399.00 US







I wish you happiness, wealth and success!

Zoe Zlatoslava Petrak

There is a path of least resistance, and you can walk it every day. Take the first step!


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