Self-Confidence Formula – Napoleon Hill

19 November 2018,

Self Confidence, how to increase it? Here is an answer. Read this amazing Self Confidence Formula written by Napoleon Hill every day, in order […]

Goal setting: How to Set Goals Effectively – Napoleon Hill

18 November 2018,

Goal setting: If your goal is about wealth and abundance, here is another great exercise you can use. You can write a statement of […]

How to Meditate – Healing Benefits of Meditation

18 September 2018,

How to meditate? What are the benefits of a meditation? What is meditation? These are the common questions I usually hear from my clients. […]

What is the purpose of life – Joy, Freedom, Expansion

1 September 2018,

What is the purpose of Life? This question has been asked by human-beings for centuries. The purpose of life is joy. Expansion is inevitable outcome […]

Professional Life Coach – Zoey Perak – Master Life Coach

28 August 2018,

Professional Life Coach, what does he or she do, how can a life coach help? I hear this questions all the time. Therefore the […]


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