How to Meditate – Healing Benefits of Meditation

18 September 2018,

How to meditate? What are the benefits of a meditation? What is meditation? These are the common questions I usually hear from my clients. […]

Professional Life Coach – Zoey Perak – Master Life Coach

28 August 2018,

Professional Life Coach, what does he or she do, how can a life coach help? I hear this questions all the time. Therefore the […]

How to Let Go of Fear & Negativity – Zoey Gold Petrak Master Life Mentor

14 July 2018,

Letting go of fear, especially when it is self imposed, imaginary and unreal  is very liberating. The freedom of being who you really are […]

Alignment With Who You Really Are – Zoey Gold Petrak

8 January 2018,

The real wisdom does not need words or explanation it is silent. It is always inside of you, and you have to quiet your thoughts to hear it. You don’t even have to try to do anything special to hear The Wisdom. It is your essence, it is natural to you. It is who you are. You just need to be aware of who you really are. You already are everything you want to be. You are perfect, you are the Divine part of the Infinite Whole. Often you are not aware of it.

Why Affirmations, Visualizations and Vision Boards Don’t Work? Or Do They? – Zoey Gold Petrak

11 January 2017,

Many people are interested in self-development and positive thinking these days. Many have heard about the law of Attraction and tried to apply the techniques they’ve heard about or learned, like visualization, affirmations and vision boards.

Some people achieve big or small results applying these techniques, but some people don’t. This leads them to think that either the process does not work in general, or it just does not work for them, or maybe they do something wrong and therefore don’t get the desired results.

Some ask the question: what happens here? Why doesn’t it work for me?


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