Connecting To Your Abundance and Joy Source – Zoe Petrak

3 January 2017,

4 Things to Help You Relax into Your Natural State of Well-being and Thrive Whether your desire, your goal is to thrive in business, […]

If You Only Knew Who You Really Are…

5 December 2016,

When you are inspired with an idea, an idea that comes from your heart, the true desire of your heart. When it feels that it comes from deep within you and when you think of it you feel it with your soul, it does come to your from your Essence, and therefore if you have been inspired with an idea, no matter how big it is you have the power in you to fulfill this desire.

Open to the Infinite Riches of the Universe – For You

17 October 2015,

Enjoy this beautiful excerpt from the book Open to the Infinite Riches of the Universe by Zlatoslava Petrak.

The True Happiness Is…

28 January 2014,

Our life is amazing. Every moment of it is sacred. Happiness is a natural state. As soon as we make a decision that we want to be happy our journey to happiness begins. People often like to postpone good things for later. They believe that some conditions have to be fulfilled before they can be truly happy. We often say: “Oh, I’ll be happy when I find the right guy, when I get a raise, when I have kids, when they go to school, when we go to Hawaii, when the morning comes, when she calls, when kids grow up, when I graduate, when I retire, and so on.”

The Simple Truth to Unlimited Happiness

26 September 2013,

Happiness is so simple and so genius at the same time. We may want many different things in our life, a good career, a new home, respect of our friends, family, a vacation, but all the things that we want, basically, can be described in one word, we want to be happy. We want to feel happy, we want to be happy in every aspect of our lives and we want to enjoy living full, abundant and happy life.


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