Goal setting: How to Set Goals Effectively – Napoleon Hill

18 November 2018,

Goal setting: If your goal is about wealth and abundance, here is another great exercise you can use. You can write a statement of […]

What is the purpose of life – Joy, Freedom, Expansion

1 September 2018,

What is the purpose of Life? This question has been asked by human-beings for centuries. The purpose of life is joy. Expansion is inevitable outcome […]

Self Publish Be Happy, Upload book to Amazon & How to Publish a Book

27 August 2018,

Your dream has come true, you book is written. Congratulations! I know how it feels to complete this project. Now what? The new question arises …

Tips for Writing a Book, How to Become A Writer – By International Best Selling Author

27 August 2018,

If you’ve always wanted to be a published author, or felt like you have some important insights to share with the world, here is a good opportunity to find out in advance how you can do it and what you should expect. Writing, publishing and making your book a best seller can be easy…

How to Increase & Feel Self Esteem and Self Worth

12 August 2018,

Everything is the matter of perception. You have your own perception of the world around you. You have relationship with everything. You have relationship with your career, with your business, with money, with your success, with people around you. You have the relationship with yourself.

We all have habitual opinions about us. We all have habitual feelings and thoughts about our abilities, our talents, our beauty, our finances, our communication skills, etc.

Have you ever thought about your perception of yourself? What do you think and feel about you? What do you think and feel about your abilities, talents? What do you believe about what you can or can’t do, how much you can earn, how worthy you are?


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