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Transform Your Habitual Inner Programming, Transform Your Results, Transform Your Life

Discover Real Riches, Celebrate Joy, Happiness, Abundance of Who You Really Are!

This event is designed to help you connect with your True Core & develop ABUNDANCE and SUCCESS consciousness in all aspects of your life to increase your RESULTS dramatically, achieve unimaginable SUCCESS & improve the QUALITY of your life

This is not a positive thinking or a motivational seminar, this is a SCIENCE of achievement, as well as prosperous, fulfilled and happy living. It is a science, because there are certain and precise laws – LAWS of SUCCESS. You can become aware of them, you can master this science, and therefore become a master of your achievements, master of your inner state and master of your life



Zlatoslava Petrak Success Mentor, Motivational Speaker


Bridge the gap between where you are & where you want to be. Discover Real Self-Identity through Spiritual Awareness.

Implement inner shift and transformation to gain the change you desire at a level where your results are created!


This seminar will cover:

• What stands behind Success (at a deeper level)
• Deeper look at laws of success, laws of prosperity, laws of the mind and laws of the Universe
• What is the cause of the results you are getting
• How to change the cause, so the results change and increase
• How to live in alignment with universal principles and tap into the true source of abundance
• Apply the knowledge, practice, actionable strategies
• Unfold your true potential, live your purpose and succeed
• Living abundant life in all of its aspects, and how to realize it
• Science of happy, joyous and successful life
• Answers to your questions
• Reconnect with your true Core and with your True Power
• Establish a strong stable unconditional basis for a happy, joyous, prosperous, successful life


Zlatoslava Petrak Success Mentor

“You are the master of your life – you are the master of your mind – you have the power to change the way you think and feel. You have the power in you to achieve your true goals, to become the person you want to be, and to live the life of your dreams.

Zoe Zlatoslava Petrak
Expert on personal growth & art of well-being

“Zoe Zlatoslava Petrak’s mission is to educate people so they can reach their highest potential in all aspects of their lives and live their dreams.

Bob Proctor
Leader and Expert on human mind and potential.


Zoe Zlatoslava Petrak is an international best selling author, inspirational success mentor, inspirational speaker, entrepreneur and CEO of Triumph of Success Inc. A former teacher with a degree in Law and Global Politics, who has been studying Laws of Success, Laws of the Mind and Laws of the Universe for more than 11 years from the best mentors of the world. Zoe specializes in helping people all over the world to succeed, reach their goals and dreams, reconnect with their true core, find unconditional happiness, bliss and fulfillment and reach their true potential in all aspects of their lives and thereby live their dreams.  Her knowledge, inspiration and talent to educate, empower and uplift truly shines through her work, whether it is her best selling books, 1-on-1 mentoring, success programs, online and live workshops and seminars.


Success coach


Success Wealth Mindset Coach Zlatoslava PetrakHow many people struggle and experience more lack and limitations than opportunities and breakthroughs, more mediocrity and failures than victories and success.

• You know it’s about the mindset – but how to actually do it, how to shift the habitual thoughts/feelings pattern?
• How to remain in a positive state and not react on conditions when they are so real?
• You blame your negative thoughts/feelings and habits and try to change them.
• You try to change your negative habitual inner beliefs and your behavior.
• You work really hard to change your circumstances and negative results.
• You strain and apply so much effort, and get such minor results and find yourself in the same old circle again?
• You feel overwhelmed, stressed, hopeless and stuck.
• You feel you are not expressing your full potential.
• It seems that no matter what you do, you cannot break through and get to the level you envision.
• You already know a lot, but it still feels like something is missing, in order to create transformation you desire.

If this sounds familiar, you can change it, you just need to know how & have support and system that can help you


Zlatoslava Zlata Petrak Inspirational Speaker you are a winner seminar


At This Seminar You Will Learn How to:

• Develop prosperity, success and wealth consciousness to maximize your profit and increase your results
• Increase your self-esteem, self-confidence and worthiness level
• Achieve goals and dreams of your heart
• Be highly productive & efficient
• Be ready for inspired actions that lead to big results
• Become aware and open to opportunities
• Become a master of situations & conditions, yourself and your life
• Prosper in every aspect of your life and lead a full, happy life full of joy and fulfillment
• Establish harmonious relationships
• Eliminate limitations, blocks and obstacles to achieve big goals
• Prosper in business or a profession
• Be happy, vital, empowered and inspired
• Reconnect with your true Core and with your True Power
• Establish a strong stable unconditional foundation for a happy, joyous, prosperous, successful life


This Seminar is Unique and Different! How It Will Benefit You:

• High quality knowledge which Zoe Zlatoslava will share with you has been developed through 11 years of education, research and her experience in personal growth field. It will help you expand your awareness and move you to the higher levels of consciousness which open doors to new possibilities and True perspective of yourself and the world.

• This is an environment which helps you focus in the way that is favorable to unfoldemnt of your true potential, true gifts, true talents, true wisdom and true power that have always been within you.

• Practical understanding of how you can not only apply this valuable knowledge and strategies, but how to actually put yourself in the state of receiving the good that you desire, in the state of alignment with your True Self, in the state where you can operate from your True Power, True Wisdom and True Potential.

• Dive into the art of prosperous, fulfilled, joyous living and make your life a triumph of happiness, prosperity and well-being, the true masterpiece that is an expression of your True Self.


Life coach


Zlatoslava Petrak Live Success Seminar

Seminar Schedule:

10:00am – 10:30am Registration
10:30am – 11:45am Seminar, Part I
11:45am – 12:15pm Break
12:15pm – 1:30pm Seminar, Part II
1:30pm – 2:15pm Break
2:15pm – 3:15pm Seminar, Part III
3:15pm – 3:45pm Q & A, Open Networking
*This schedule may be subject to change


Live Success SeminarLocation:

This event is held in a gorgeous upscale hotel/resort located at 15 acres of inspiring parkland, while maintaining easy access to all Toronto. Treat yourself with an inspirational Saturday getaway without leaving a city. Real retreat for mind, body and soul!

The Westin Prince, Toronto
900 York Mills Road,
Toronto, ON, M3B 3H2


Let me show you the easiest, powerful, resistance free way to prepare your mindset for success, wealth and wellbeing, reach any goal of your heart, unfold your infinite potential, establish a real basis for happiness, joy and triumph beyond any expectation, recall who you really are, so you can become anything you want to be, do what you love and live the life you are meant to.


Success wealth mentor coach Zlata Petrak


What Participants Say:

“This staff is Gold! This has been an extremely powerful workshop which one can benefit from over and over again. Zoe is one of the sweetest, most pleasant inspirational speakers I have ever met. Coming here, I had doubts about what I was getting myself into, but I am very glad that I did it!

Katherin G. Participant of You Are A Winner! Seminar


“The seminar was outstanding!!! The Location, content and music were magical. Zoe Zlatoslava is a gifted and inspired speaker. There is valuable content in everything she says. Her seminar was a special retreat that energizes the heart and mind.”

Elizabeth C. 
Participant of You Are A Winner! Seminar


“Wow! This material I haven’t seen from anywhere else put together in such a concise clear way. So well presented, organized, Zoe Zlatoslava you are a master teacher. Thank yo so very much!!! Very empowering!!! Simply Amazing!!!”

Bryan M.
 Participant of You Are A Winner! Seminar


“This seminar is really helpful because it gave me ideas on how I can fulfill my true potential and achieve my goals. I can see clearly now why I could not reach my goals and how I can change it. I highly recommend Zoe’s seminars to my friends. Thanks a lot. It really woke me up.”

Anna B.
Participant of You Are A Winner! Seminar


115zlatoslava-petrak-success-mentor-life-coach-motivational-speaker“I felt I needed this and wanted to be reminded of who I am and what I can really accomplish. Zoe Zlatoslava is an amazing mentor in terms of projecting positive energy and helping others reach deep down and realize what it is they truly have and area able to do and achieve.”

Anton L.
Participant of You Are A Winner!


“A FRESH new perspective, according to Zoe’s way of presenting these concepts. Zlata Petrak’s one-day seminar on Mastering the Secrets of Success is a powerful, joyful and essential experience that give us the necessary tools to re-define our goals, TRUE ESSENCE, desires of the HEART, that will allow us to achieve and maintain our unlimited potential, success in LIFE, at all levels (Personal/Career/Relational)”

Lilac C.
Participant of the Seminar


“This seminar answered questions, gave me clarity. Thus, I found the seminar enlightening and very educational. Session provided wealth of knowledge, in depth learning, exercises for continuous learning. Zoe presented material superbly, is very knowledgeable and answered all questions.”

Yvonne H.
Participant of You Are A Winner! Seminar

Life Mentor Inspirational Speaker You Are A Winner Seminar Zlatoslava Zlata Petrak“The seminar was great. It re-enforced many things for me. I also learned new information. Zoe was a great presenter and I truly believe this information will allow me to reach my true potential.”

Cathy-Ann S.
Participant of You Are A Winner! Seminar


“Zoe Zlatoslava is a truly amazing mentor. She helped me deeper understand who I really am and how to operate from my true power (and what it really means). I became aware of laws of the Universe, Laws of the Mind and Laws of Success, at a level I never studied this before. I highly recommend Zoe Zlatoslava’s  seminars to anyone who is interested in unfoldment of their true potential in every aspect of their life. The practices, tools and systems Zoe Zlatoslava shares are really useful and applicable, so clear and easy. She delivers really complex and deep insights in the way that makes it so easy, simple and clear. Zoe, I really appreciate what you have done for me! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Toma Sokolov
Participant of Your Are A Winner! Seminar


Success Wealth Mentor
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