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3 January 2017,

4 Things to Help You Relax into Your Natural State of Well-being and Thrive

Whether your desire, your goal is to thrive in business, find and sustain a fulfilling joyous relationship, work in the field of your passion, or any other goal or desire you might have, if you have been inspired with the desire, if it comes from your heart, from who you really are, you have the power in you to fulfill this desire, otherwise you would not have it.

Whatever is going on within you, your inner state influences what is going on in your experience. It is not your services, your products, your style or your beauty, not even your skills, or enthusiasm (which may be amazing) that attract people to you, but what you emanate, radiate from the state you are in. It is not the message you send out with your words when you talk to your prospects, it is the message you emanate from your inner state, that attracts the clients, results, right partners, and joyous experiences. And if the message that comes from your inner state contradicts what you offer with words, your potential prospects, your clients, your partners will sense this double message (the contradiction). They will sense what you really believe deep in your heart.

Your inner beliefs, habitual thoughts you keep thinking, your expectations, your perception of yourself and the world, the quality of your thinking, your focus, what you really mean, puts you in a specific mindset, inner state, which is your point of attraction. The quality of your inner state influences the quality of your actions, the quality of your behavior, the quality of your results and therefore the quality of your life.

In reality, you are complete, you are full. There is nothing that has to be added or changed in you. You are perfect. Your spiritual DNA is perfect. Your essence is pure positive energy. If there is anything that needs a change, it is your habitual negative inner beliefs, the “mental garbage”, data, memories replaying in you. These are just thoughts you keep thinking, you can release them, you can let them go, if you choose to do so.

You see, when you look at the acorn, it has everything within itself to become an oak tree. It is in it. It only needs the right environment favorable to the unfoldment of its full potential.

You are an extension of Source Energy. You are an amazing infinite soul. You have infinite potential. You are unique and beautiful in all ways. Your nature is pure positive energy. Your natural state is the state of joy, freedom, fulfillment, satisfaction, appreciation, love, bliss, abundance beyond anything you can possibly imagine. And when you are in alignment with who you really are, when you are in alignment with Source, you are everything you have ever wanted to be and even more. You are magnificent.

There is a constant flow of Wellbeing and Inspiration to you and through you, but you often block it with your negative inner beliefs, which put you in the inner state that you feel as negative emotion. When you resist and push against what you don’t want (instead of focusing and enjoying what you want), that resistance blocks you from the free flow of Wellbeing that is always here. When you look at the outside circumstances, variety and contrast, and you choose (sometimes unconsciously, as a habit) to react negatively to those circumstances, you “pinch yourself off” from the state of pure positive energy of who you really are, and you block yourself from the Wellbeing and Abundance that are here for you all the time. And by doing so you perpetuate unwanted circle of like circumstances.

As in the analogy with an acorn, when you get in the environment favorable to unfoldment of your true potential you thrive. And that environment is the most natural environment for you, it is alignment with who you really are, it is the alignment with Higher Boarder Part of you, it is the alignment with Source.

When you release resistance and operate from the inner state aligned with who you really are, you are open to the Wellbeing and Inspiration that has always been here for you. Everything that is perfect and right for you just happens. It happens naturally, flawlessly, on it own. And the most importantly you reach the only thing that you really and truly long for – alignment with who you really are, alignment with Source.

Relax into your natural state of wellbeing. Here are few clarifications that can help you do so.

1. All is well. No matter how it may seem at this moment, all is well with you. You are on your path, you are guided. Nothing went wrong. All is well. Things are always working out for you, no matter how it looks now. Things are always working out for you!

2. Negativity, outside circumstances, contrast is here for you so you can choose what you want. It serves as a clarifying tool. It helps you make choices, have preferences, set more clear goals, desires, and dreams. It helps you expand and unfold your infinite potential.

3. Don’t be stressed out about negative feelings and emotions. Negative feelings are also a positive thing. It is your GPS working for you. It is your guidance system working very well and showing you where you are heading: whether you are heading towards what you want or in the opposite direction. It’s your GPS showing you where you stand in relationship to the pure positive perspective of the Higher Broader Part of you, whether you are aligned with who you really are in this particular moment or you deviate from that alignment. Your guidance system shows you your focus, your point of attraction.

Feelings are your guidance system. And it is always good to know if you are going in the opposite direction to the desired destination. It is very simple. When you feel good, you are focus on what you want, when you feel negative emotion you are focused on the lack of what you want, and you deviate from your natural state, which is pure positive energy.

4. When you are in the inner state favorable to the fulfillment of your true potential, when you see yourself and the world from the perspective of the Higher Broader Part of you, when you are in alignment with who you really are, when you are in alignment with Source, you are inspired to the right ideas, and actions, the right people and circumstances are drawn to you, because you are ready, you are in the flow, you are who you really are, you are open to abundance and wellbeing that has been here for you all the way, but now you allow it to come. You allow the Divine act freely through you and create miracles through you. And when people look at you they are amazed at what is going on in your experience. They see the Inspiration and momentum in action. And the results of the focus and actions from alignment are called miracles by those who have not yet recalled what stands behind it.

The real transformation starts from within. It is an inner work. And it is not you that has to be transformed, because you are perfect. Your spiritual DNA is perfect. You have infinite potential. It is negative inner beliefs that have to go. It’s the paradigm (set of inner beliefs) that has to be changed. It is the mindset and inner state, whatever is going on within you, that is the cause of the results you are getting.

It is your inner transformation, and only you can do it, if you want to, if you decide to do so, if you choose to do so.

There is no one workshop or system, or teaching, or mentor in the world alone (while some of them are really valuable) that is capable of transforming everybody, and giving the desired result to everybody, because of the unique mix of specifically your emotions, your inner beliefs, the intensity of your desire and the intensity of your resistance. Only you, being the true co-creator of your experience, can bring this desired transformation, but you do need guidance, knowledge, awareness, support to truly master what you really know deep within you, to open up to the inner wisdom and become deliberate co-creator of your experience.

Mentor can only educate you so you can help yourself, and you have the power within you to do so.

My mission is to educate people so they can help themselves reach their highest potential in all aspects of their life, recall what they already know deep within them, reconnect with the basis and core of who they really are, to be fulfilled and live a life of joy and dreams, the life you desire and deserve, the life you are meant to.

First step is desire, then there is a decision and a choice. The second step is knowledge and awareness. And then application of that knowledge.

The main pillars of my work are to help you expand your awareness, create the environment favorable to unfoldment of your infinite potential, help you apply what you know, so you can put yourself in the inner state of receptivity of Wellbeing and Inspiration that is always here for you and reconnect with the basis and true core of who you really are. The real transformation starts from within and the desired results have no other way but to follow. That’s the law – the Laws of Attraction, or its foundation the law of Vibration.



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I wish you tremendous success! Enjoy the bliss of who you really are here and now! You are amazing!

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