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18 April 2021,

Law of Attraction Zoey Gold – How to Get Results From LOA – #1 Coach in Toronto

Law of attraction with Zoey Gold

Why Law of Attraction still does to work for you? What’s missing? What you need to know…

Even if you think you know so much about the Law of attraction, you’ve had the best teachers/mentors, you’ve attended the most powerful and advanced seminars and workshops, read lots of books, participated in numerous programs and have been an avid student of personal development for years;

Even if you have the best practices, tools and strategies, even if you apply them well: you visualize, affirm, meditate, do the exercises, somehow you still cannot call yourself the master of your life or even the master of your emotions.

The concepts of the teachings resonate with you, you know there is true to what you’ve learned, you can feel it deep within you, you see how these principles help others succeed, but somehow it feels like you still can’t make it work for you.

No matter how much you learn or practice you feel temporary relief, you expand your awareness, you grow, your perception your emotions improve, it is nice to hope and dream but…

You still cannot breakthrough in some areas of your life. There are still some goals and desired results that seem out of reach. There is still lots of effort that often lead to mediocre or no results.

From time to time there are still resistance, impatience, fear, disbelief and sometimes it even feels like you would have to give up on that cherished dream of yours.

While there are some improvements here and there, they are not consistent, they are not in all areas of your life or they are pretty small.

You know what you want, you have a vision, you have a true calling of your heart, you know why you want it, you even know the patterns that sabotage you and changes you need to make, what you need to think and how you need to feel, and who you need to be.

You’ve written your goals, you read them every day, you ask, you align, you put yourself in a receiving mode of the good that you desire, and you know that there is more here for you. You even can feel the taste and deliciousness of your dreams fulfilled from time to time… but…

Somehow it has not manifested yet.

You lose your hope, get discouraged and frustrated, and then rise up again and continue your journey to creative manifestation – and it feels like a never-ending circle of learning new things, practicing new things, expanding internally but seeing same old results…

They say it would help, you are doing everything right… but… something is still missing.

In a moment you will see what’s missing from your knowledge and what you can do right now to truly break free.

Law of Attraction Zoey Gold Bet Results Coach Toronto

Hi, my name is Zoey Gold Petrak, I am a Strategic Results Mentor, Peak Performance Business Mentor and a Transformational Leader. I dedicated more than 16 years of my life to mastering how to create business and personal transformation, and how to create a real turnaround in results.

For over 16 years I’ve been researching, traveling around the world and studying from the best mentors that are out there in self-mastery, human mind and potential, success, peak performance, wealth and business mastery, neuro-linguistic programming, neuro-hypnotic repatterning, psychology and personal development fields.

There are some missing pieces of the puzzle and some common mistakes that I often see when people try to transform their results and quality of their life:

1. Take 5 steps forward and 10 steps backwards

Most people are not consistent with their focus, their inner state, their inner atmosphere. They spend some time in the inner environment favorable to the unfoldment of their true potential and fulfilment of their desired results, but most of the time they operate from their habitual limiting patterns, conditioning, errors, disempowering emotions and sabotaging thoughts. They take 5 steps forward and 10 steps backwards and wonder why nothing changes.

2. Try to create desired results from the mind that can only sabotage.

You’ve heard about the power of the mind, that mind can create etc. But what kind of mind?

The mind that is full of chaos and confusion, inner conflicts, false ideas in consciousness, painful memories from the past, fears, in other words “human mind” or “mass mind” – such mind can only sabotage, prevent you from getting where you want to go.

If you operate from such mind, if you try to transform your results from such mind, if you try to create the life you desire from such mind – your efforts are going to be in vain, because you try to create from errors and that leads to more errors or mixed results.

3. Operate from disharmony

Love is the basic building block of creation, it is the creative principle, but…

Most people live in the inner atmosphere of, operate from and feel disharmony often or most of the time, on some or most of the subjects. When they do so, they communicate with unwanted and therefore get more unwanted as a result. The more unwanted they get the more disharmony they feel, which leads to getting even more unwanted – another unpleasant circle that is challenging to break free from.

4. Try to change beliefs and limiting identity with an upgraded version instead of awakening and taping into the truth and their True Identity

Most people try to change their beliefs or their limiting identity (beliefs, values and rules about themselves) with new empowering, upgraded beliefs and identity. When they do this, they try to change one data with another upgraded data which often creates disbelief & resistance (they feel like they are lying to themselves), it creates internal battle where old beliefs and identity fight the new one over and over again.

And even if they manage to upgrade their beliefs and identity, it is still going to be limited and serve you only for a while until you hit another ceiling in your results and you would have to upgrade again. But…

When you uncover, awaken, tap into, the truth within you – you tap into the deeper knowing, truth, what’s real.

When you see the truth, the problem ceases to be.

When you delete errors, you come back to the Real You, you unleash your Ture Identity – unlimited, boundless, magnificent, unconditional, real.

Priceless internal freedom and your desired results are just a byproduct of it.

I put together a brand-new FREE training showing you how to actually tap into that knowing, freedom and truth within you, which leads to unleashing your true potential, operating at your peak performance, and results that are an expression of Greatness of your True Self.

If you are interested in freeing yourself from errors, blocks, self-imposed limitations, negative self-talk for good, so you can be You, so you can be free and your results can be an expression of your true potential, this training is for YOU!

Register for Exclusive Advance FREE Masterclass using the link below right now before it’s taken offline for good!

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Law of Attraction with Zoey Gold

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