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14 July 2018,

Letting go of fear, especially when it is self imposed, imaginary and unreal  is very liberating. The freedom of being who you really are will positively impact every aspect of your life, that’s how crucial it is to let go of mental garbage that is draining your energy  and suppresses the joy you can experience otherwise. This article will give you clarity on how to let go of fear and negativity and be free.

Paradoxically, in addition to tremendous benefits, really valuable knowledge sometimes can backfire as well. There is a lot of literature and information on personal development and law of attraction, that can sometimes confuse people.

More and more people become aware of disadvantages of negative thinking. People hear about law of attraction and importance of staying positive. People read things like: “Thoughts are things.” Or “You attract what you think about.”

This information can be beneficial, but it can also confuse, if you don’t completely understand how the mind works, and what all of that mean. People become cautious about what they think, they worry about being negative, thinking negative thoughts, and they are scared about what can happen if they continue thinking those thoughts.

Some clarification may be needed here. Fist of all negative feelings are not always a bad thing. We were all born with an inner guidance system, your inner GPS – this is our feelings. The thought comes fist, you give your attention to something and it puts you in a specific inner state, emotional state that you feel as a feeling. When you feel negative feelings, it is just an indicator that you inner GPS works well. Your inner guidance system tells you that you are going in the opposite direction from where you want to go. It is useful to know that, so you can choose, shift your focus, give your attention to what you choose, and go in the direction you choose, the direction that will serve and benefit you and lead you to achievement of your goals.

Secondly, real emotional and spiritual maturity comes when you reach such a level of self-mastery when you choose your inner state unconditionally, regardless of outside factors. You are not in reaction mode anymore, you come from your essence and from the wisdom of your heart. From the Truth within you.

Emotional maturity is not in never thinking negative thoughts, or trying to run away from them. It is about choosing not to believe them when they fly into your mind.

“The mind” – mass consciousness, has been around for million years. Those negative, and often false thoughts were thought by many people around the world for centuries. And when you are in “your head” too much, in the state of worrying, managing, cooping, those negative thoughts from the mass consciousness can fly into your mind, and you think negative thoughts. You have a choice though. You can either believe those thought or you can choose not to believe them. When you choose not to give the power to those negative thoughts, and choose not to believe them they vanish, you let them go easily.

You can operate from “lower” state, from “the mind” from mass consciousness, or you can put yourself in the beautiful state, the sate that is natural to you, the state of connection and oneness with Source, the state of alignment with who you really are. You can be in your essence, you can operate from the Truth Within, from your Soul, from the wisdom of your heart. When you manage to put yourself in that state you are open to the True Wisdom. That’s where all genius ideas come from, that’s where inspiration comes from. This is the state that makes your life an amazing joyous experience it really is. This is the state in which you operate from your True Power and your True Potential. This is the state when you are connected to Your True Self, to the Source.

This is the essence of fulfillment, joy, love, abundance that is unconditional, that is internal. When you are in that state you truly enjoy yourself and the world, you radiate joy, you spread love and color everything around you with the colors of your Soul. Then the external world is the true reflection of the Fullness of Who You Really are. You are and you experience the Fullness of You.
The real you is everlasting, the real you is all-knowing, and it is eternal. You are a Spiritual Being having this physical experience. The real you is bigger and broader than who you can see in the mirror. You are the part of the Infinite Whole. And when you are in the state of I AM ONENESS, the state of connection with bigger and Broader Part of you, state of connection with Source you are you. That’s what we long for and you will never be satisfied with anything less than that.

One more tip about dealing with and letting go of fear. If the person is in danger right at this moment, the feeling of fear in normal, it is reasonable, it is about self-preservation. If the person is not in danger in this moment, it is very likely that fear is just in your imagination. The person is not in the present, he or she worries about hundred probabilities that may or may not happen. We never know what can happen for sure, the future is in our head. So, if the person is not in danger in this moment, the fear is in his or her imagination because the person is not present. Just the awareness of this helps to let go of fear.

Go to the wisdom of your heart more often, connect with your essence, awaken the Truth Within. It is within you, you don’t have to get it or find it, you can awaken it. Self-mastery helps you do that. Work on yourself harder than on anything else in your life. Master yourself. When you master this art, it will touch and transform every area of your life.

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