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5 March 2020,

Zoey Gold Petrak – Licensed NLP, Business NLP and NHR practitioner trained and certified by Dr. Richard Bandler – founder of NLP. Strategic Intervention Coach trained and certified by RMC (Tony Robbins)

Do you have some painful issue, problem, memory that you think about often, maybe even every day, or a couple of times every day?

Imagine how much free time, energy and joy you can have if that problem/memory stops bothering & disturbing you? 

How much more time will you have if you could give yourself back all the time that you spend thinking about this unpleasant, painful issue or memory?

How much free time and energy you will have, to focus on things you love, on people you love, on achieving your goals and on enjoying your life?

These Inner conflicts, painful memories and inner turmoil, pull you back from unleashing your inner resources, they hold you back from making best decisions and operating at a peak performance level, they tear you apparat and block you from achieving your goals, dreams, and vision. They prevent you from living the life of joy, freedom and fulfillment.

You remember to upgrade your computers, homes, cars, you take care of your appearance, but often you forget to upgrade your inner programming, allowing a 20-year-old baggage to impact and deteriorate every aspect of your life.

Hi, my name is Zoey Gold Petrak, I am a Strategic Results Mentor, Peak Performance Business Mentor and a Transformational Leader. I am an Strategic Intervention Coach trained and certified by RMC (Tony Robbins), Licensed NLP practitioner, NLP Business Practitioner, Neuro-Hypnotic Repatterining Practitioner trained and certified by Richard Bandler, the teacher of Tony Robbins and the founder of NLP. I am also a Ho’oponopono Practitioner. I dedicated more than 14 years of my life to mastering how to create business and personal transformation, what stands behind Law of Attraction at a deeper level, and how we can apply it to create a real turnaround in results.

I put together a FREE training for you to show how you can release painful/limiting “baggage” you’ve carried around for years and finally create a desired inner shift you’ve heard so much about – a real Game Changer for Your business, financial and personal Results.

You will Discover How You Can:

  • • Free from Internal Turmoil: be free from inner conflicts, inner tension, stress, fear, negativity, self-imposed limitations, self-condemnation, traumas of the past, low self-esteem, worries, emotional pain, hurt and suffering, your old story
  • • Free from External Turmoil: transform your life and results, align with strategy and psychology to follow through and achieve desired personal, financial and business results.
  • • Use your mind in a beneficial way instead of letting your mind use you.
  • • How to let go of old habits, which prevent you from unleashing your inner resources and operating at your full potential.
  • • Give Yourself a Gift of feeling and living the joy, freedom and fullness of Who You Really Are, your true potential emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.



To Register Visit:

As Bob Proctor said:

“Zoey Gold Petrak’s mission is to educate people so they can reach their highest potential in all aspects of their lives and live their dreams.”

Since 2013 I’ve been doing just that – successfully educating, inspiring and empowering thousands of people through my live seminars, 1-on-1 mentoring, books, online programs & training.

Here is an example for you: one of my client went (after only 2 sessions) from anxiety, misery, depression and being afraid to leave her own house, to her triumph, empowerment and speaking on the same stage as Peak Performance Experts, International Bestselling Authors and professional speakers.

Imagine what you can do when nothing is sabotaging and holding you back, and the whole of you is moving in the direction of your vision, mission, goals and dreams!

If you are interested in being free, aligning for your peak performance, operating from your true potential and achieving extraordinary results in business, finances and life this is for YOU!

Click this link to register for this FREE training before it’s taken offline:



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