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18 September 2018,

How to meditate? What are the benefits of a meditation? What is meditation? These are the common questions I usually hear from my clients. So here is more information about it for you.

Meditation is one of the most powerful practices you can use in order to live full, joyous, free, and fulfilled life, truly abundant in every aspect of it. There is a constant flow of Wellbeing and Inspiration that flows to and through you all the time. You can either resist it – kind of block it with your habitual negative thoughts, or you can open up to it and allow the energy that creates the worlds to flow f freely through you. That’s what meditation will help you to do. It is a practice that helps you align and balance energy in you.

Why is meditations so powerful?

In your essence you are pure positive energy being. You are whole, you already are everything you have ever wanted to be. Some of your inner programming, your inner beliefs are false and are negative, they influence habitual negative thoughts you keep thinking. When you are cluttered with negative thoughts in the moment whether these are your memories of the past, or negative anticipation of some future events, thoughts about lack, thoughts about your inability to do something you want, thoughts of judgement, or self-condemnation, any negative thoughts – you feel unpleasant feelings. Feelings are indicator of the quality of thoughts you are thinking in the moment. So when you think a negative thought it creates resistance in you, and you can feel it as a negative feeling.

In each and every moment you can choose to align with Who You Really are. You can do that by focusing on what you want, on what works, on what you are grateful for, on what you love, on positive aspect of every subject (as every subject has what you want and what you don’t want in it). And every time you experience something unwanted the new rocket of desire for an improved experience is born within you, and you can focus on that desire, on that desire which was born from that contrasting moment.

When you align with Who You Really are you feel elated, you feel good, joy, freedom, fulfillment you are fully and completely connected to the Higher Broader Part of you in that particular moment. That’s what we all long for is to connect, align and feel oneness with our Creator.

When you focus in a way, or think a thought that is not in alignment with Who You Really are  and with perspective of the Higher Broader Part of you about that topic, you feel the discord and you feel unpleasant negative emotion. This is your guidance system notifying you that you are not in Alignment with what you want and not in alignment with your True Essence. So you can refocus and align.

Meditation helps you quite your thoughts, and as soon as thoughts are quiet, resistant thoughts are quiet – your vibration naturally rises, and you can feel it as feeling of elation, freedom, joy, purity.

There are different ways you can meditate. One of them is when you sit in a quite room, you are calm and comfortable, close your eyes and focus on some steady sound, for example the should of air-conditioner or airflow, or listen to some special meditative music which helps you relax.

Another way is guided mediations. These are specially prepared recordings which will help you focus in a way that will help you release resistance and align with wellbeing, joy, freedom, love that are natural to you.
When you make meditation your regular practice and meditate every day you will put yourself in the state of non-resistance and you will align with Who You Really Are and with what you want. You will open up to joy, wellbeing, free flow, freedom, love and abundance natural to you, It will help you tap into the Truth within, it will help you connect to Source.

When you meditate every day, it will help you put yourself in the state natural to you. You will get used to how alignment feels, how pure positive energy feels and it will become more and more habitual for you with time.

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