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28 February 2020,

Law of Attraction – Most Vital Missing Pieces – How to See Results From LOA

You probably can even call yourself an expert on Law of Attraction, because you consciously understand how it works, you’ve read numerous books on personal development, you’ve attended trainings and high-end seminars, you were given a bunch of tools, and you even apply many of those tools every day….

Yet, you are still not getting Desired Results in one or more areas of your life.

You visualize, affirm, mediate, you have clearly defined goals, you try to focus on what you want and feel good, you maybe even have a conscious understating of how Laws of the Mind and Laws of the Universe work…. 

But still your long-awaited Results don’t seem to manifest.

Or you manage to get results you want but they are truly mediocre in comparison to the amount of work and effort you put into it and they are not very fulfilling.

Or you get desired results in one particular area, but it seems you cannot break through and get results you desire and deserve in other area or areas of your life no matter what you do, or how hard you try. Faces change, places change – the essence of what you get doesn’t.

Deep down you resonate with the idea of the Law of Attraction, you know there is something to it, but why can’t you seem to make it work for yourself or for some of your results precisely and consistently, even after having so much knowledge, training and practice.

Here are some sobering clarifications:

Law of Attraction Zoey Gold


Hi, my name is Zoey Gold Petrak, I am a Strategic Results Mentor, Peak Performance Business Mentor and a Transformational Leader. I dedicated more than 14 years of my life to mastering how to create business and personal transformation, what stands behind Law of Attraction at a deeper level, and how we can apply it to create a real turnaround in results. 

For over 16 years I’ve been researching, traveling around the world and studying from the best mentors that are out there in self-mastery, human mind and potential, success, peak performance, wealth and business mastery, neuro-linguistic programming, neuro-hypnotic repatterning, psychology and personal development fields.

When I look at Transformation of Business & Personal Results in my Client’s I often see: 

  • • Most people don’t know what is sabotaging them, what causes the results they are getting. They are not aware what patterns are stopping them, what habits, what inner conflicts, or earlier decisions pull them back and don’t let them breakthrough and go forward, where they want to go.
  • • Sometimes they know their limiting patterns, but they aren’t professionals in the field of transformation, therefore they do not have all the necessary and most effective tools, strategies and practices to create the desired shift. 
  • • It is nice to consciously understand that you should focus on what you want and feel good, but what if your inner conflicts, painful memories of the past, and inner beliefs prevent you from doing what you know you should do. And you end up in an old emotional habitual circle, plus also beating up on yourself for not doing what you know you should do – think and feel in a positive way.
  • • It is nice to consciously know that you are the Master of your Mind, but what if it often feels like your mind is using you and your thoughts are thinking you? What do you do then? 
  • • Most people feel lonely and scared, and often bogged down in their own mind. They habitually engage in unproductive often painful memories and thoughts that create suffering. They are hunted by the ideas of low self-esteem, fear of not being enough, fear of rejection, old limiting story, past failures, painful past experiences, past relationships and inner conflicts.
  • • Often people are bombarded with different transformational tools from different sources, but they don’t know which ones to use, and how to use those practices in an effective way that actually works and creates transformation.
  • • Many people are too involved in their situation. They are too habituated to the pattern they are stuck in, so they can’t separate from it, can’t even notice it, can’t find the right tools and strategies and can’t apply them in the way that works.
  • • Many think the next book, the next seminar will help, only to find out when they get back to their everyday life that all he motivation they gathered at the last event faded away in a couple of weeks. So, they get stuck in never ending learning and knowledge gathering loop, without application, internalization and integration of that knowledge.
  • • They are not sure what to do next, where to go next, what else to do for the desired change to take place.

It is difficult to break old habits, it is challenging to gather the right strategies that actually work, it is difficult to apply those strategies in the most effective way, the same way as it is difficult to learn a new language ON YOUR OWN. The same way as if you want to MASTER karate or any other craft on a professional level by yourself.

I have good news! 

If it is challenging, it does not mean it can’t be done. It just needs fine tuning.

I just put together a free training which shows you exactly what’s missing from your knowledge of the Law of Attraction at a deeper level, how you can finally benefit from it. I will show you the most affective and advanced, strategies, tools and practices that really work and create transformation in financial, business and personal results and also how to apply it in the most effective way.

You can register here for free:

Here is what you will discover:

  • • How to make the Law of attraction really work for you.
  • • How to become the master of your own mind, so it does not think and use you.
  • • How to get out of a learning loop and internalize, integrate and apply the knowledge you have.
  • • How to finally refocus on things that benefit you, refocus on things you do want instead of things you don’t want.
  • • How to get more clients, build and grow your business.
  • • How to be free, financially free, and have fee time to enjoy life and also be internally free to enjoy every moment of your life.
  • • How to actually create a desired transformation in your results.
  • • How to free from internal and external turmoil.
  • • How to actually align with who you really are, your vision, peak performance, your goals and dreams.
  • • How to update and upgrade your inner programming, so you are free from the old mental baggage, so nothing is pulling you backwards and the whole of you is moving in the directing you desire and deserve.


I can give you strategies and tools that work, that change lives. I am here for you. 

Are you here for yourself?

Register for this Exclusive FREE Training using the link below right now before it’s taken offline for good!

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Apply to see if you qualify for a Complimentary Strategic Results Breakthrough Session with Zoey Gold Life and Business Transformation Expert:

You can also visit Zoey Gold’s Official Main Website Here:

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