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11 January 2017,

Many people are interested in self-development and positive thinking these days. Many have heard about the law of Attraction and tried to apply the techniques they’ve heard about or learned, like visualization, affirmations and vision boards.

Some people achieve big or small results applying these techniques, but some people don’t. This leads them to think that either the process does not work in general, or it just does not work for them, or maybe they do something wrong and therefore don’t get the desired results.

Some ask the question: What happens here? Why doesn’t it work for me?

It’s not what you say or affirm that matters, it’s what you mean, it’s what you believe deep in your heart that matters.

Your inner beliefs seated deep in your subconscious mind influence your thoughts and feelings, they influence your behaviour, your actions and your results.

According to the Law of Attraction or better to say Law of Vibration: like attracts like. We are vibrational beings. We think a thought that puts us in a specific vibration, which manifests as a feeling. We have a specific vibrational signature that we emanate and attract like.

In order to put yourself in the state of dream fulfilled, favorable to manifestation of your goal, your thoughts about your goal should align and match with your inner beliefs, or better to say with your feelings about this goal. Feeling from the state of dream fulfilled. Enjoying the desire, even before its physical manifestation puts you in vibrational alignment with your desire. You become a vibrational match to the good that you desire.

Every subject has to aspects to it: wanted and unwanted. It is the matter of your focus. When you think about your goal, your desire, what do you focus on? Do you focus on having what you want, enjoying it, loving it, expecting it, or do you focus on lack, do you focus on how hard it is to get what you want, when is it coming? Why is it not here yet?

Do you feel the joy of your goal or desire, or you feel yearning? Do you feel lack and frustration of not having what you want? Or you feel joy and happiness of dream fulfilled?

You can tell easily whether you focus on wanted or unwanted aspect of your goal. If you feel good, if you have the inner knowing that all is well, if you enjoy your desire now, you focus on what you want. If you feel bad, lack, fear, frustration, disappointment, if you worry, if you are unsatisfied, you are focused on the opposite of what you want and you attract that. You think a specific thought that is influenced by your inner belief about the subject, it puts you in a specific vibration that you feel as a specific feeling, which becomes your point of attraction and you attract like.

Are you in the state of dream fulfilled all the time? Do you enjoy your desire even before its physical manifestation? Are you focused on wanted or unwanted aspect of your desire? Do you think and feel from the standpoint of wanted or unwanted? How do you feel? What do you think most of the time? What is your inner talk on the subject?

So, what do many people do, they affirm, visualize and look at vision boards from the inner state of lack. They look at the pictures of what they want, they affirm their goals, but at the same time they focus on lack of what they want. They feel lack, they feel poor, they feel lonely, they feel unloved, they feel limitation, even when they look at pictures of what they want and affirm what they want, they don’t believe they can get it, they focus on lack of the wanted result and they attract lack.

You can tell if you do that: the indication is any, even slight negative feeling, impatience, worry, frustration, anything that is not joy, happiness and appreciation of the dream fulfilled is a slight focus on lack of what you want and you attract that. Because you are in a vibrational alignment with the opposite of what you want and your feelings and thoughts show you that. Your feelings is your guidance system that shows you what you are really focused on.

The second thing people often do, is that even if they manage to focus on the wanted aspect of their goal, they are not consistent in their point of attraction. They feel good, they manage to think and feel from the state of dream fulfilled, they affirm what they want, they visualise and feel amazing, they enjoy the process like their dream has already been fulfilled, they do that for half an hour and then they return to their habitual focus, they think and feel from the standpoint of lack again.

So, many go back and forth: they feel from the state of dream fulfilled ant then they worry. They enjoy their goal even before its manifestation and then they feel afraid. They feel happy and wealthy, but in a few hours they feel lack and are afraid of poverty. They go back and forth in their point of attraction. They say ‘yes’ and’ no’ and ‘yes’ and ‘no’ and ‘yes’ and ‘no’ to their desire over and over again. This way people don’t let the momentum take over, and get stronger, so their goal manifest into the reality.

What can be done about it?
Feel good. Enjoy the journey, it is as joyous and valuable as destination. Enjoy, value and appreciate the now. Love and know who you really are. Be in a vibrational alignment with the good that you desire and with who you really are. Feel from the state of dream fulfilled and be consistent in doing so. You already are everything you have ever wanted to be. Let yourself be who you really are. Let yourself enjoy the wellbeing and prosperity that is here for you.

It is not rocket science. For a while you have been retrained away from your natural state of happiness and prosperity, as you picked up and internalized negative inner beliefs and allowed the outer world influence what is going on within you. You can retrain yourself “back” to your natural state of happiness, prosperity and well-being. This knowledge is within you, it hasn’t gone anywhere, all you need to do is recall who you really are and apply what you already know deep within.

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