“Zoey’s mission is to educate people so they can reach their highest potential in all aspects of their lives and live their dreams. Zoey’s program Your Infinite Riches is really powerful, as it provides great insights on the laws of the mind and laws of the Universe.”


Bob Proctor
Expert on human mind and potential.
A leader in the power of positive thinking and self motivation


“Zoey I applaud all the good work you are doing. I wish you success in all your ventures. The world needs you and your work.”

Jack Canfield
A leader in Personal Development and Peak Performance Strategies



“Zoey I’m very impressed. Your material is first class and your product is powerful. I am very proud of you.”

Raymond Aaron
New York Times Bestselling Author
World Leading Success Mentor



“Zoey, Thank you for sharing your knowledge and helping Seneca clients find success!”

Sincerely, The Seneca Staff


“When you follow the Laws of the Universe and get in harmony with the good you desire, you will meet with success … guaranteed. Zoey has created an easy-to-understand capsulation of these laws. Put them to work in your life today and you will be very glad you did.”

Peggy McColl
New York Times Best-Selling Author


“Zoey: I just wanted to thank you for your participation in the Success Summit Markham 2016. Having you there helped to make the event success. Thank you for everything!”

Randy Drake
Founder of Success Summit


“This staff is Gold! This has been an extremely powerful workshop workshop which one can benefit from over and over again. Zoey is one of the sweetest, most pleasant inspirational speakers I have ever met. Coming here, I had doubts about what I was getting myself into, but I am very glad that I did it!”

Katherin G.
Participant of You Are A Winner! Seminar by Zoey Petrak, Canada


“The seminar was outstanding!!! The Location, content and music were magical. Zoey is a gifted and inspired speaker. There is valuable content in everything she says. Here seminar was a special retreat that energizes the heart and mind.”

Elizabeth C.
Participant of You Are A Winner! Seminar by Zoey Petrak, Canada


“Zoey is very good at what she does. She can change your life. Her work & seminar are very good.”

Paul F.
1-on-1 Client, Canada


“Zoey and her work is a gift that was sent to my life, her 1-on-1 mentoring and online programs are very powerful and helped me a lot. She taught me how to love and appreciate myself, she helped me release past grief and feelings of guilt. She helped me to revitalize my business, within only a couple of sessions with Zoey I had more clients than I could handle, this is a miracle. Thank you!”

L. B.
1-on-1 client


“This is exactly what you need to take your business to the next level. It helps you understand where you are, where you want to be and gives you tools and ideas on how to get there. Zoey Petrak inspired me to find answers that I was looking for, because of her knowledge, wisdom and special training she delivered in a mighty powerful impact.”

Lawrence B.
Participant of ATW Retreat by Zoey Petrak, Canada


“Before I started working with Zoey I felt severely depressed, had anxiety and fear to leave my house. Within only a couple of sessions, I moved out of my parent’s house to my own place, started working out and taking care of my physical wellbeing, and even spoke on stage successfully (without any previous experience). Incredible! Thank you.”

S. Y.
1-on-1 client


“This retreat was very good and uplifting. Zoey is alive with a spirit of helping and a true desire to make a difference for herself and others.”

Michelle M.
Participant of Awaken the Truth Within Retreat by Zoey Petrak, Canada


“Wow! This material I haven’t seen from anywhere else put together in such a concise clear way. So well presented, organized, Zoey you are a master teacher. Thank yo so very much!!! Very empowering!!! Simply Amazing!!!”

Bryan M.
Participant of You Are A Winner! Seminar by Zoey Petrak, Canada


“Zoey’s retreat was very informative. Zoey is an inspiring mentor who is going to do great things. The world needs you to transform and change lives.”

Glen JB.
Participant of Awaken The Truth Within Retreat by Zoey Petrak, Canada


“I was stuck and Zoey helped me wake up and move forward. I understood that I really have power to fulfill my dreams. Thank you Zoey for your power and knowledge which can help other people move forward. God bless you!”

Anna Boiko
Participant of Awaken the Truth Within Retreat by Zoey Petrak, Canada


“Zoey is a true master of success mentoring! She gives from a place of love, her joy and enthusiasm when sharing her gifts and wisdom are contagious! Thank you Zoey! I look forward to working more with you.
Zoey, thank you for this seminar and for your wonderful energy! Clarity certainly enfolded and I truly enjoyed receiving your wisdom and generosity.”

Gillian D.
Participant of Art of Prosperity and Well-being Seminar by Zoey Petrak, Canada


“Zoey has the most and only the best of intentions to help others on their personal journey – Her kindness and warm nature makes you feel safe in sharing openly – the seminar is simply amazing and uplifting!”

Participant of Art of Prosperity and Well-being Seminar by Zoey Petrak, Canada


“Zoey Petrak is a truly wonderful and amazing personal development mentor. She has walked her talk and delivers an empowering seminar/mentorship.”

James Erdt
Participant of AWT Retreat by Zoey Petrak, Canada


“This seminar is really helpful because it gave me ideas on how I can fulfill my true potential and achieve my goals. I can see clearly now why I could not reach my goals and how I can change it. I highly recommend Zoey’s seminars and online workshops to my friends. Thanks a lot. It really woke me up.”

Anna Boiko
Participant of the Seminar by Zoey Petrak, Canada


“…Zoey shares beautiful affirmations and wonderful information that will help anybody who follows her advice to manifest the life of their dreams.”

Jennifer Colford,
International Best Selling Author, Canada


“…Our universe has very certain laws. If we follow them, learn who we really are and grow along the way, life changes. Zoey’s passion for this life and work shines through and anyone who reads her work will greatly benefit from it.”

Rebecca Craig


“Just finished your book today. I found it to be exactly what I needed to read at this moment in time. Plenty of wisdom and reinforcement of the importance to flow with the essence of spirit. Thank you.”



“Zoey shared insightful information relevant to achieving more success personally and professionally with practical guidance and activities to complete during and after the sessions. A great reminder to be clear focussed and keep moving forward. This seminar is full of useful concept of self mastery.”

Natasha M.
Participant of Art of Prosperity and Well-being Seminar by Zoey Petrak, Canada


“I felt I needed this and wanted to be reminded of who I am and what I can really accomplish. Zoey is an amazing mentor in terms of projecting positive energy and helping others reach deep down and realize what it is they truly have and area able to do and achieve.”

Anton Lolas


“Wonderful affirmation of key concepts I’ve studied before and needed to be reminded of. A FRESH new perspective, according to Zoey’s way of presenting these concepts. Zoey Petrak’s one-day seminar on Mastering the Secrets of Success is  a powerful, joyful and essential experience that give us the necessary tools to re-define our goals, TRUE ESSENCE, desires of the HEART, that will allow us to achieve and maintain our unlimited potential, success in LIFE, at all levels (Personal/Career/Relational).”

Lilac C.
Participant of the Seminar by Zoey Petrak, Canada


“…Zoey covers all the essential aspects you need in order to make your dreams a reality.”

Charlene Day,


“…I found information that is immensely valuable for going forward to achieve my desires. You will quickly understand the recipe.”

Emre Dedekoey


“…Zoey helps to uncover the hidden roadblocks that stand in the way of infinite riches. She drives home the fact that riches are not only for a select few, but as children of God, we are ALL deserving and capable of living a life we love… Her knowledge and understanding shine through as she encourages us all to live abundantly and open our hearts and minds to the limitless possibilities!

Kara Steck,
United States


“This seminar is very informative and is an eyeopener! Great seminar. Thanks for the reminder that all is possible!”

Sharon H.
Participant of Art of Prosperity and Well-being Seminar by Zoey Petrak, Canada


“This seminar answered questions, gave me clarity. Thus, I found the seminar enlightening and very educational. Session provided wealth of knowledge, in depth learning, exercises for continuous learning. Zoey presented material superbly, is very knowledgeable and answered all questions.”

Yvonne H.
Participant of You Are A Winner! Seminar by Zoey Petrak, Canada


“ Open to the Infinite Riches of the Universe by Zoey Petrak is a book of inspiration and hope. It guides us to access our own infinite potential in the pursuit of riches and happiness. Further, it encourages us to celebrate our own uniqueness and gives us comfort by knowing that we are part of the whole.
Asking God and the Divine to guide us, letting go and trusting in the greater power allows the reader to connect with the Divine and the Divine power that lies in all of us.
When you have a moment of solitude, read this book to unlock your infinite riches and potential.”

Ulrike Berzau,
United States


“There are many great self-help books out there, but this on is really special to me. It not only provides a Manifestation Formula for wealth creation, but it goes beyond monetary aspects and possessions, to the true abundance and what it really means, and where and how it can be found. I really enjoyed the chapters “True Wealth, True Abundance, True Happiness” and “The Relationship with Yourself”. While reading this book it really helps to engage the right feelings in the creation process and helps to stay focused, in your thoughts and feelings, on your goals. It puts you in the right state for attracting happiness and success. At the same time this book teaches how to get rid of negative beliefs, superstitions, fears, and prejudices. It teaches how to love and how to forgive, how to love and appreciate yourself the way you are, where to find real love and support, and how to be truly happy.”

Olga Kidanova


“Have you ever wondered if you were here- in this place and time- for a reason? No need to wonder any more. Open to the Infinite Riches of the Universe is a book that answers this question for you. It is written with an incredibly comforting and loving voice. It reminds us of who we really are: a child of God in an infinitely abundant universe. We really can have everything we want just the way we want it and this book helps us see that very clearly.

If you are looking for a book that feels deliciously warm and inviting- like wrapping yourself in a cozy blanket in front of a warm fireplace- then this is the book for you. Get your copy today, make yourself a cup of tea, and delve deep into the wonderful world of possibility that Zoey has created for us with her depth of understanding about human potential.

Don’t keep struggling to get the results you want. Take action and start reading this book today!”

Allison Sutter
United States


“The seminar was great. It re-enforced many things for me. I also learned new information. Zoey was a great presenter and I truly believe this information will allow me to reach my true potential.”

Cathy-Ann S.
Participant of You Are A Winner! Seminar by Zoey Petrak, Canada


“Zoey is a truly amazing mentor. She helped me deeper understand who I really am and how to operate from my true power (and what it really means). I became aware of laws of the Universe, Laws of the Mind and Laws of Success, at a level I never studied this before. I highly recommend Zoey’s one-on-one mentoring, her seminars, books and programs to anyone who is interested in unfoldment of their true potential in every aspect of their life. The practices, tools and systems Zoey shares are really useful and applicable, so clear and easy. She delivers really complex and deep insights in the way that makes it so easy, simply and clear. Zoey, I really appreciate what you have done for me! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Toma Sokolov
1-on-1 client & a participant of a few seminars by Zoey Petrak, Canada


“This book takes the reader through the Law of Attraction and Abundance with a Christian viewpoint. Many times, work in this field leaves one who believes strongly in The Bible wondering the connection. Zoey has done a great job weaving God’s word in, making this a great read.”

Susan Turchick
United States


“A great book Open to the Infinite Riches of the Universe. It really helps you to open up to wealth, abundance and success. It helps you realize your passion, your desire and set the clear goals. It helps to stay focused on the goal and not to give up. This book provides important techniques on how to reprogram negative beliefs and program yourself to become a magnet for success and wealth. Affirmations are mazing. They are spread throughout the entire book. They can be applied to different situations and are very helpful for me. I really enjoyed reading this book. I believe it is a Manifestation Formula for a balanced life full of miracles, wealth, abundance, happiness and success.”

Irina Kovalchuk


“Great! Lots of information and fun. Very positive and empowering! Very informative and useful seminar, with real life examples. Well structured and organized in a relaxed atmosphere.”

Anna J.
Participant of You Are A Winner! Seminar by Zoey Petrak, Canada


“This workshop really brought home what being in a state of alignment means and a reminder for me to look at when I am in a state of flow and when I am not, how important it is and the difference that it makes.”

Participant of You Are A Winner! Seminar by Zoey Petrak, Canada


“It was great! Very informative. I really liked and enjoyed the seminar, where I learned a lot. I loved the speaker – Zoey Petrak. Enjoyed being here! Thank you.”

Angela G.
Participant of Results and Business Boosting Retreat by Zoey Petrak, Canada


“Zoey is a good speaker and she draws in the audience which keeps them engaged. The most valuable idea for me was the understanding of how conscience and subconscience works and how to align with goals.”

Jutta H.
Participant of Awaken the Truth Within, Results and Business Boosting Retreat by Zoey Petrak, Canada


“Zoey has a pleasant demeanour, and it is great to see her smiling all the way and loving what she does. The most valuable thing I got from this was the importance of alignment with ourselves.”

Betty Y.
Participant of Results and Business Boosting Retreat by Zoey Petrak, Canada


“Great uplifting and informative seminar! Zoey’s presentation and instruction provides the mechanics and inspiration everyone needs to make positive lasting change in their life.”

Brian A.
Participant of Art of Prosperity and Well-being Seminar by Zoey Petrak, Canada


“I would highly recommend working with Zoey 1-on-1 and her transformational seminars & programs for each person on the planet. That’s how much I loved it. I truly found love, joy and happiness within me. I reevaluated my life, my goals and vision. I was able to change meaning I gave to things which helped me move forward and achieve great results at work and at home. Thank you so much! And looking forward to my future 1-on-1 work with Zoey and her unbelievable seminars. Thank you!”

Tina R.
1-on-1 Client & Participant of Art of Prosperity and Well-being Seminar by Zoey Petrak, Canada


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