Welcome to Zoey Petrak’s
Referral Partner Program

Become a Zoey Petrak’s Affiliate and Get Paid Spreading the Word About Our Products and Services that Uplift, Empower and Inspire!

How it Works:

1) Click here and register to become an affiliate partner and to get your special link, that will track your sales: https://www.mcssl.com/SYS/?m=356706&c=s

2) Log in to your affiliate center: http://www.mcssl.com/SYS/?m=356706&c=l

3) Choose the affiliate program you would like to promote. At this moment we are offering commissions on 2 programs:

Your Infinite Riches! (evergreen program)
You are a Winner! (evergreen program)

4) To get the unique link that tracks your sales for a specific program, for example: You Are a Winner! program is easy:

1) log into your affiliate center (link is listed above)
2) go to Programs
3) under specific program, for example: You Are A Winner! you will see words – “Click here for you affiliate links”
4) under the words “The standard affiliate link can be used in a web site …..” you can find your affiliate link for that specific program.

5) Email this unique affiliate link to anyone you know who might like this program

We offer up to 50% commissions on every sale you refer for these 2 programs listed above.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us: https://www.triumphofhappiness.com/contact-us/


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