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4 January 2018,

How to Change Results and Unfold Greatness Within. What Can Be Helpful

Behind any improvement there is growth, expansion and inner transformation, whether it is at unconscious competence level, or a person actually knows what he or she is doing and how to create real change from within.

Most high performing, successful people cannot explain why they are so good at what they do, why they are so successful, and what they do differently (they operate at unconscious competence level) they are really good at what they do, but they don’t know what stand behind it.

I personally believe, it is always better to be consciously competent when it comes to mastering the art of achievement and success. Because you can deliberately apply what you know and overcome any barrier or plateau on your journey to expansion, fulfillment and delicious experiences.

Have you ever thought why 2 people who have the same level of education, same level of intelligence, great appearance, provide great services, are in the same business, have similar financial resources, and even have the same presentation but one, no matter what he/or she touches always turns it to success, while the other always struggles and fails?

Have you ever wondered why one person may have no education, may not even be very bright, but might earn much more than his or her neighbor who has PhD?

What stands behind success? It is the quality of your mindset, your expectations, you perception of yourself and the world, your inner self-image, your inner self-talk, you inner beliefs, the quality of your thoughts, the quality of your emotions, your dominant inner state.

Let’s take a closer look at how the mind works. There is a conscious part to it, with our conscious thinking, and five senses, but there is also the emotional part of the mind, the subconscious mind and that’s where the paradigm is stored. What is paradigm? It is the set of inner beliefs, programs, multitude of habits, information, data, memories replaying in you. Many of those inner beliefs are negative and are false, they don’t serve us, don’t benefit you. They serve us as blocks.

These negative inner beliefs, information, data replaying in you influence your dominant thought patterns. When you think a thought it puts you in a specific vibration, and you feel it in your body as a feeling. Feeling is a physical manifestation of thoughts (physical interpretation of a thought). Every time when you think a thought (or when you focus on something) it puts you in specific inner state, emotion, mood (or in other words vibration). And this inner state is your point of attraction. It is your vibrational signature that you emanate. It influences your awareness of opportunities, the quality of your decisions; it influences your behavior, your actions, your results and therefore the quality of your life.

When you are inspired with an idea, goal, you think it in your conscious mind, but if your paradigm (set of inner beliefs, multitude of habits) stored in your subconscious mind doesn’t agree with that idea you feel resistance in your body, negative emotion. Paradigm also influences your thought process, that’s where fear, worry, doubt come up. And when you think a thought (when you focus on something and give it your attention) it puts you in a specific vibration or inner state, that you feel as a feeling in your body. Therefore it is not your conscious idea that influences your decisions, behavior, actions and results, but your inner beliefs that are stored in your subconscious mind.

That’s why if you try to work just with symptoms, and try to change the results without changing the cause (paradigm: set of inner beliefs, quality of your mindset), a lot of effort is spent, but actions are often counterproductive, journey is miserable, results are mediocre and often not permanent. You have to understand, work with and change the cause of the results you are getting. When you change the cause the results, have to change. They change naturally, automatically and with less effort.

When you work with the cause, you release negative inner beliefs and you release resistance they produce. When resistance is gone, you are open to the free flow of Wellbeing and Inspiration that always flows to you and through you (unless you block it), you are inspired with ideas and impulses, your actions are inspired, your journey is joyous, you don’t spend so much effort and time, because you tap into your True Power, Energy that creates worlds, your results are extraordinary and perfect and right for you.

What can a good mentor help you with? In order to create a real transformation from within, you have to know how it all works, you have to know the bigger picture, the laws that govern the Universe, laws of the mind (how your mind works), why you are getting results you are getting and how to change it etc. So first step is knowledge. Then you have to learn it and get emotionally involved with it and internalize it. And of course knowledge is not the power, the power is in application of this knowledge.

A good mentor will teach you and help you expand your awareness and this way will empower you (so you can actually use this knowledge on your own every day and in the future), and then will help you apply this knowledge, with exercises, intuitive practices, tools. Knowledge will help you reevaluate your negative false inner beliefs (there is a huge difference between beliefs based on ignorance and beliefs based on understanding of the laws, understanding of who you really are, and where your true power comes from and connecting with your True Core). Tools, practices and repetition, and proven systems, will help you apply what you know, shift your paradigm and create desired transformation from within.

It’s not about what you get (even thought it can be joyous and rewarding) it is who you become that’s important. The more you grow the more your business grows. The more you grow the better is the quality of your life. It is really a life long commitment to self-improvement. It is not a magic pill. It is an inner transformation, it may take time, persistence, will, practice, learning, understanding, but it is so worthwhile. Because once you get a grasp of it, once you get a taste of how it works and how amazing you are meant to feel, and how amazing you really are, this transformation will positively impact every area of your life, it will lead to fulfillment, connection, joy, love and happiness.

We all understand that it is important to take care of yourself: manicure, haircut, massage, gym, makeup, clothes, education, good food etc. but somehow it is not our habit to take care of our mind. We often leave it wide open, never pay attention to what is going on in the mind, what we think about and how we feel. But it influences everything that comes to us as experiences, people, relationships, situation, finances, career, family, friends etc.

We all know that if you want to learn a language it is easier and faster to study with a good teacher. If you want to loose weight you use help of a good trainer. If you want to learn dancing you take lessons (especially if you want to be really good at it). If you want to get a job, you have to have a good training, but when it comes to our mind, mindset, and quality of thoughts, and inner transformation, we let it be, and often we run in the same old circle for years and have no idea where the exit is.

Your essence is pure positive energy, you are perfect in all the ways. You are extension of the Source Energy, your spiritual DNA is Perfect. That’s who you really are. You already have everything you want and you already are everything you have ever wanted to be. It is in you, it is in your potential. If you take an acorn, it is in its potential to become an oak tree, but it has to be put in the right environment. And that’s what a good mentor helps you to do, or better way to say: a good mentor helps you help yourself, because only you can do it. Only you have control of your mind, your thoughts and your feelings and with knowledge, understanding, tools, practices, a good mentor can help you make a journey from dream to result easier, faster and more joyous.

Each person has a unique mixture of desires, goals, a unique mixture of inner beliefs, and how long these inner beliefs have been practiced, a unique mixture of chronic thoughts and feelings, dominant inner state, a unique mixture of resistance. That’s why when you read a book or attend a seminar, it might immediately bring improvement to one person and not the other. One person might experience a shift and not the other. That’s why for some it might take a few days to see desired change in the results, and for some longer. That’s why there is no program that will lead to the same level of result for every participant.

But when you understand the laws of the mind, laws of the Universe, laws of success and how it all works, how to apply the knowledge and implement it, no matter what your unique mixture is, you can create real transformation from within, if you want to, if it matter enough, if you are ready. You can do it because you will work with the laws. Zoey Petrak, a self-mastery success mentor, life coach, has studied these laws for more than 11 years from the best mentors of the world (see photo gallery at, she has applied and mastered it. Zoey is here for you to help you unfold what already is within you, inner genius, greatness, love, power, wisdom, freedom, well-being, talents, abundance, joy, appreciation and your infinite potential in every aspect of your life.

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