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15 March 2019,

Hello Dear Reader. You can find a lot of very powerful Abundance Affirmations, meditations and techniques on this website.

Abundance affirmations can help you focus on the solution instead of the problem, and on a desired result instead of of lack of what you want.

Here is one amazing Abundance affirmation for you. You can read this powerful affirmation every day, in order to boost your business & financial results, attract your ideal clients and have more joy and fulfillment doing what you love.

My Business is Prosperity and Joy

“My business is God’s business, it is completely controlled, governed, directed and secured by the love of God! My business is God’s success and wealth! For sure it is always flourishing! I am God’s success and wealth! I rest in the Everlasting Arms!
God’s wisdom works and closes deals with my clients through me. I am an amazing Mortgage Agent. All those who purchase my services are blessed, healed, inspired and enriched in all ways!

God brings perfect and right clients to me and to my services. My services are blessed by the Divine, they are the extensions of the Source Energy, they are perfect and right for my perfect and right clients that God brings to me.

What I do is of value, is loved and appreciated. God inspires through my services and my services are Divinely helpful.

I love what I do. I am good at what I do. I feel so much joy from doing it. My business is prosperous, profitable and joyous.

I am open to the free flow of happiness, health, wellbeing, joy, abundance and prosperity now. I am grateful for the Divine blessings that come to me with ease and joy now.

Thank You for my dream coming true!

Thank You! I love You!”

Zoey Petrak


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