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25 January 2016,

An Inspiring Story to Fulfillment and True Vocation

The journey is as valuable as a destination. Always remember this. Everything we experienced in the past has made us who we are now. Value and enjoy every second of your life, because it brings you to something bigger and better, even if you don’t see it at this point. Let me share my journey to the fulfillment of my dreams. It began many years ago, and it goes as far back as to my childhood.

Being a very positive person, and being able to achieve anything I really wanted, as a kid I remember saying to myself, ‘I truly have everything I want. All my dreams have come true. Wow!’ Now I understand that as a child I naturally, automatically, used the Laws of the Universe, which brought all the riches I desired to my life.”

A little later, when my circumstances changed and things started to go “wrong,” when almost nothing went the way I had planned or wanted it to be, and I grew tired of feeling depressed, upset, unhappy, unsatisfied, and miserable, I started my (this time) conscious search for happiness, success, and wellbeing.

To that end, I started consciously studying what I had naturally known and applied as a child. Through this 10-year journey of mine, I have gained a lot of knowledge, expanded my awareness, mastered the Laws of the Universe, and found everything I was looking for.

Thinking “Now I know that everything has led me to this moment so that I can educate others in reaching their goals,” that’s how a Best-Selling book Open to the Infinite Riches of the Universe came to life.

Everything I went though these years, all that seemed to be difficulties and pain, were just priceless lessons that led me to growth, fulfillment and finding my true vocation. It was a long search, a strong desire and a Higher Guidance that helped me find it. It might take some time for you to find your true vocation, but if you really want it to happen and you search for it, it happens. And when it does, you feel so happy, grateful and elated, and you can create so much good. It is breathtaking.

You see, what often seems to be a difficulty, misery and pain, only pushes us to where we are supposed to go, to the higher levels of awareness, to bigger and better. And that is a natural process, of life that expresses itself through you, to aim for bigger and better.

I can see clearly now that everything in my life was preparing me for this moment, so based on my experience and knowledge I can educate others in achieving their true potential and reaching their dreams and goals.

Our potential is unlimited, our happiness is boundless, our wisdom is infinite, our abundance is beyond what you could possibly imagine and all the riches are already here. All we need to do is open, be ready and receive the gifts that are waiting for us.

“We were born wealthy. Everything that is, is for us… Prosperity is all around you; just open your eyes and feel it. Everything you’ve ever wanted to become is in you, it is in your potential.”

Zoey Gold Petrak
From the international best-selling book Open to the Infinite Riches of the Universe

Do you want to reach your fullest potential in all aspects of your life and live your dreams? If you are reading this, it means that you have already begun your journey to happiness and success. The first step is desire, the second step is knowledge. My mission is to educate people, so they can help themselves to reach their highest potential in all aspects of their lives and live their dreams.

Open to the Infinite Riches of the Universe is part of my work in this endeavor and it has the power to transform your life as it has mine.

“You were born to succeed, you were born to triumph, you were born to thrive, you were born to win. The life expresses itself through you and it is in its nature to achieve its highest potential, to reach the highest goals and to swim in the ocean of success and wealth. You have no other choice but to win; for the Power of the Almighty is with you. The Divine Power is within you.”

Zoey Petrak
From the international best-selling book Open to the Infinite Riches of the Universe

Enjoy every second of your journey. It is so unique and special. There is not other story like yours on the entire planet. You are unique and amazing. Be happy, proud and thankful!

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Zoey Gold Petrak
Self-Mastery Success Mentor
Life Coach
International Best-Selling Author

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