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10 March 2018,

How to Finally Benefit From Law of Attraction

What’s missing form your knowledge about Law of Attraction? Does working with a Law of Attraction Coach Help? Let’s bring clarification and take a loot a missing pieces

In most cases, there is not magical pill for anything. If you want to be good at any sport, if you want to master any craft, or become a great artist, it does not happen overnight. You can make a decision that you want to become a master at something in a second. That decision will determine the course you will take, but you have to study and become aware of secrets and techniques of that craft. Even if you are very talented, you have to practice, and work on perfecting your mastery in this craft. It takes time, determination, work, knowledge, desire, love of what you do, vision in how you see it evolve, how you see yourself in the future, where you want to go and what you want to reach with this craft. This is reasonable, and people seem to understand it.

Somehow, when it comes to the art of personal development and Law of Attraction, people tend to expect a magical pill. They want to see instant results, they want miracles, which is wonderful, but it is art – art of Self-Mastery. No matter how talented you are, and in some cases, you will get instant or very quick results, but very often you have to learn, gain the knowledge, expand your awareness, learn different approaches, different perspectives, expand your identity, apply what you’ve learned, apply different strategies, practice this art, making it better and better. It is a life long commitment to self-improvement, growth and self-mastery. Like in a sport or art, you will do it, but you cannot do it alone, at least if you want to get to the highest levels of mastery. You know that in sport you need a trainer, in art you need a teacher. In order to master yourself and your life, it is also useful to have a guide, a teacher, a mentor, who spent years gathering this knowledge and can share it with you, who can hold you accountable, who can choose strategies that will help you specifically, who will be with you, will help you uncover and unleash the gifts that are within you.

Unlike any other art, the art of self-mastery will transform your life and help you unfold your true potential in every aspect of it. Fulfillment, abundance, love and connection, amazing relationship, extraordinary life, beautiful lifestyle, happiness and well-being are not the matter of how much money you have in your bank account, or whether you have a life partner, whether you travel and visit places, it is found within. It is in you, it is in your potential. There are so many wealthy people who are miserable, and poor people that are unhappy, married people that suffer, and singles who are lonely, people that have everything and still feel unfulfilled and people who feel sad and frustrated because they don’t have what they want and deserve.

True happiness, fulfillment, well-being, abundance and love are not found in the outer, it comes from within. It comes from mastering yourself, it comes from mastering your mind, your state, your life. When you become a master of you, it is priceless, and not because of what you can have, but because of who you become, how you feel, how you move, how you look, how you talk, how you live. It is a priceless, joyous and delicious experience. The true growth, true development is when you become a master of yourself regardless of circumstances, unconditionally. Then and only then you can use the power within you to transform those circumstances; but again the most joy that is gained is not even in transforming the circumstances and seeing the desired change and results (even though it is very pleasant) the true joy is in becoming the person who creates these transformations. Having the vibrant experiences, you came for, living from your essence from the Truth within you, enjoying the beauty and deliciousness of this life, expressing the fullness of Who You Really Are, and living the expression of your True Self in ever aspect of your live, every moment. This is priceless and anyone can do it.  

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Work on yourself more than on anything else to rekindle the spark of your essence, and you will reap the benefits far beyond any material dream you can ever have. Manifested things and results you get are a refection of the state you practice on a daily basis whether consciously or unconsciously, the state you live in. Material things are only a by-product of who you allowed yourself to be.

Make your life a triumph of happiness, abundance and success.

And Remember: “Everything you need is inside of you, all you need to do is come back to the Truth within.”    

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