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2 March 2020,

Zoey Gold Petrak – Licensed NLP, Business NLP and NHR practitioner trained and certified by Dr. Richard Bandler – founder of NLP. Strategic Intervention Coach trained and certified by RMC (Tony Robbins)

Do you know that inner conflicts sabotage your desired results, results you would otherwise have?
Let me give you an example and let’s see if you spot the conflict between desire and belief (inner software/program) within the person:

  • • Some people are afraid of rejection, but they want to have successful business and a lot of clients.
  • • Some have doubts and don’t believe they are enough and that their services are good enough, yet they want to be well paid for the services they provide and have a lot of clients and be financially free.
  • • Some want to have amazing romantic relationships, but they are really scared of being hurt ever again.
  • • Some want to build an empire and be very wealthy, but they are afraid they can loose money, or that money can be taken away from them, or they won’t have free time for other things they love.
  • • Some want to earn much more than they have ever had in the next 12 months, but they focus on lack, and see a financial hardship at the end of this week or this month (they see it in their head, it is just an imagination, as noone knows what future holds).

The list and variations are endless….

The point is that such inner conflicts sabotage you, your results, and your success. They pull you back and don’t allow the whole of you to move forward and achieve results that you want, and capable of achieving.
On this note I am inviting you to Exclusive FREE Online Training and Case Study Close the Gap Between Your Goals & Results. Guaranteed!

Where you will learn how to resolve such inner conflicts, so nothing is holding you back from achieving desired results and living the life to the fullest. Zoey will also share advanced core strategies which will help you Quantum Leap from your Goals to Extraordinary Results in your business/career and personal life.

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A bit about me, I am Zoey Gold Petrak – a Strategic Results Mentor, Peak Performance Business Mentor and a Transformational Leader. She is trained and certified by RMC – Tony Robbins, Licensed NLP and NHR practitioner, NLP Business Practitioner trained and certified by Dr. Richard Bandler – Tony Robbin’s teacher and founder of NLP, she is also a Certified Ho’oponopono Practitioner. I dedicated the past 14 years to really mastering what creates business and personal transformation, as she has been traveling around the world and studying from the best mentors that are out there in self-mastery, human mind and potential, success, peak performance, wealth and business mastery, neuro-linguistic programming, neuro-hypnotic repatterining, psychology and personal development fields.

What will be covered in this Training & what to expect:

  • • Improve dramatically your relationship with inner and outer success, wealth and abundance in business and life.
  • • Break through limitations and prepare for extraordinary results.
  • • Expand your identity and develop the capacity to achieve outstanding results, and to overcome your own difficulties and challenges.
  • • Break old patterns, release limiting beliefs, inner blocks and limitations that have been stopping you and transform them into the fuel for extraordinary results.
  • • Let go of inner resistance and self-constrains to abundance and success.
  • • Prepare for massive actions that lead to desired results that are beyond any expectations.
  • • Connect to your True Power & strengthen your Inner Resources
  • • Break through any limitations and get to the next level.
  • • Become a magnet for your ideal clients.
  • • See and find a clear way through any life, career and business challenge.
  • • Close the gap between your goals and results.
  • • Align with strategy and psychology to follow through and achieve desired personal, financial and business results.

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