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9 March 2019,

What’s the number one secret to Successful Stress Management? First of all, it is knowing you can be free, joyous and feel pure positive energy in you on a continuous basis, more than ever before. Second thing is to understand how you can do it. This article will help you clarify it and will give you answers you’ve been searching for.

Aspiration of every person is joy, happiness, abundance and better life in every aspect of it. We want to have bigger, brighter more interesting, more enjoyable experiences. People understand that they need to take care of themselves and their environment, maintain, upgrade and update things so they serve us better and we can benefit from them even more.

You know that it is vital to eat good food on a regular basis, wash your clothes, clean your house, update you phone and computer, take your car to maintenance, workout for the benefit of your physical body. At the same time, many forget, that in order to have a fully fulfilled and joyous life you have to take care of your inner world as well. In some instances, it can be even more important than the outer world and worldly possessions, and even relationships.

There are many examples of people who have achieved unbelievable success, are financially abundant, have beautiful luxurious houses, cars, all the things they want. They even have great families, but they are not happy, not fulfilled, not satisfied and don’t know how to deal with stress. They’ve heard about stress management, but don’t know how to do it. They don’t enjoy spending time alone, and they don’t enjoy spending time with people they love, they feel stressed, fearful, anxious, worried, nervous and often have nervous breakdowns.

Somehow, we understand that we need to take care of many things in order to live a good life, but often we forget to take care of our inner world, things we feel, think, anticipate, remember on the daily basis. What is going on within us? – Does it contribute to our overall wellbeing and happiness. People understand that they need to update and upgrade their computers almost every week or so, but many go without upgrading their mental programming for 80 or 90 years, still feeling pain about what happened 45 years ago, still feeling angry at what someone said to them when they went in grade 6, still feeling lack of self-worthiness because of what happened a long time ago, still believing in something that is false, something that does not benefit them at all, and reliving the pain of it for many, many years. They feel lack and poverty and therefore live it day after day, just because years ago some sequence of events led them to believe in something that is not true, something that never was true, something that does not exist in their life now.

People carry this painful baggage with them for years without letting go of those memories, that data replaying in them, carrying around those beliefs which negatively affect every area of their life, without even thinking of working on their mind, working on themselves more than on anything else, upgrading their old beliefs and programs which no longer have anything to do with them. These beliefs and stressful thougths no longer represent who they really are.

Who you really are in your essence is pure positive energy being. You are free, you are love, you are life. That’s how you really are. All the problems you experience is just data, which you accepted, stored and accumulated throughout your life: things you’ve heard, saw, learned, were told, observed. In order to solve the problem, you have to let go of the data in you which attracts and creates it. This data creates resistance in you, resistance to wellbeing which otherwise is there. This data crates stress.

It is possible to upgrade your old programming which does not serve you, it is possible to let go of the data that hinders you from joy, success and fulfillment you desire and deserve. It is possible to shift the paradigm – set of inner beliefs with control your thoughts, influence your decisions, your behavior, your actions and results and the quality of your life.

There is a way to feel free inside and out, here in this physical form, in this lifetime. Do you remember how you felt in your early childhood, on the best days of your summer holidays? Do you remember that freedom of thought, that flow in your body, that ease, calmness, lightheartedness, that inner knowing of your wellbeing and all-is-wellness, that inner knowing of your goodness, your preciousness, your greatness, your eternalness, your love? Do you remember those moments of that pure being? Do you remember how you felt?

It has not gone anywhere. Right now, you are even more evolved and expanded being with even more growth, knowledge and experience, with even more wisdom. But at the same time you’ve also gathered some baggage that creates resistance and hinders, and better to say does not allow you to feel, that freedom and light that is in you. This freedom and light is in you now. That “baggage” is only data. You are not data. That “baggage” is only habitual thoughts you keep thinking. You are not your thoughts. That “baggage” is just false negative beliefs. And you are not your beliefs.

You can set yourself free, you can tap into the Truth Within you, you can unleash that True Pure Positive Being in you, you can feel, live, perceive and feel life as Who You really are. You can feel and perceive yourself and the world through the eyes of your Creator.

To do that, first of all you need to know it is possible. And It is possible.
You have to want it for yourself.
And then seek the ways of how it can be done. And also, find experts who know how it is done – people who devoted their lives to understanding how transformation is created, people who have done it themselves multiple times and helped other people set themselves free.

There are many tools, techniques, processes which can be helpful. To explore more about it visit: and see how one of a kind system for Personal & Business Transformation developed by Zoe Petrak Master Life Mentor, Strategic Results and Achievement Mentor and Peak Performance business mentor can benefit you.

I wish you all the best. Let the light in you shine brighter than ever before, and let yourself feel the magnificence of Who You Truly Are.

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