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26 May 2013,

In this world everything already exists. If we don’t know that it exists, or don’t believe it, or don’t see it, it does not change anything it is still there, with our approval or without. For example, when scientists did not know about the existence of atom, it did not meant that the atom was not there. Our infinite Universe already has all the possibilities, all the answers and everything that can be. Therefore it is not a question of existence of wealth or having wealth or abundance, it is already there, and there is plenty of it. It is the question of you being able to feel it and experience it in you life, you being able to use it, take it, open up to it and receive it.

Wealth, the same as all other factors in our life that we either have or don’t have, either created or did not create yet for ourselves, is a life style, is our inner beliefs, is our way of thinking and feeling, it is our behavior. In order to have something, you have to live it, feel it, know it. Being wealthy or not, is determined in you behavior, in the way you act, speak and think, in the way you hold yourself, in the way you think about yourself, it is a lifestyle, you inner nature.

There are certain reasons why some people feel and live this lifestyle and some don’t, while everyone has this ability to create it. It is deeply rooted in our inner beliefs about life, about the rules of life, about ourselves and about everything that surrounds us. We’ve learned different ideas about how the life works from a very young age, and that’s how we form our beliefs about things, by watching people around us and by listening to the information we hear from different sources. For example if one person grew up in a surrounding that constantly taught, that life is difficult and money don’t grow on trees, his or her views about life principles can be slightly different from the person who’s surrounding always supported him and taught him, that his dreams do come true and how to make them come true.

The main idea to understand here, is not what you have been told is important, but what you really believed in, what became your rule of life, what you wrote in your subconsciousness, as the rule for you. Because these inner beliefs make us act, say, do and think in a certain way. And what we constantly believe, think and feel, come to our life. We attract it, we create it and experience it.

The good news here is that we have a choice. It does not matter what kind of habits and beliefs you have, you can always change them, if you decide so, and you can do it with the help of your conscious mind. We can educate ourselves, discipline our thinking and feeling, discipline our imagination and rewrite our beliefs in our subconsciousness, and get rid of these mental blocks that prevent us from achieving what we want. What we believe, think and feel, we bring into our lives, we create and attract it. And isn’t it better to attract what we consciously choose instead of what the mass mind has to offer?! By disciplining our thought process, we can focus our thoughts and feelings on our goals. By changing our negative inner beliefs, we can remove the blocks that stop us. By educating ourselves about the laws of life, we can open to the infinite wisdom that is in us. Believe in your worthiness, believe that you deserve the higher level of everything, believe that you are always supported by the infinite almighty power of the Creator, and enjoy watching your dreams coming true!

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