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1 September 2018,

What is the purpose of Life? This question has been asked by human-beings for centuries.

The purpose of life is joy. Expansion is inevitable outcome of life and evolution. And freedom is given, “you are so free you can choose bondage.” Every human being has a desire for joy and is always in a search for it, because when you are in the state of joy and bliss, you are in your natural state, you are aligned with who you really are, you are aligned, connected and at one with Source Energy, Creator, God.

Throughout your life time you lived through different contrasting experiences and every unwanted experience, situation helped you clarify your desire for an improved experience. New desire was born in you in that same moment when you saw or experienced something unwanted. As a result of it The Higher Broader Part of You (the Source Part of You, as you are an Extension of Source Energy) expanded and became more and It has been calling you towards that expanded version of you ever since, all the time.

Your feelings (your inner GPS, inner guidance system) shows you whether you are going in the direction of who you have become, then you feel positive emotions, or if you are not going in the direction of who you have become – you feel negative emotion.

In this moment, you either allow yourself to feel, be and experience internally the fullness of who you have become, or not. When you focus and think in the opposition to your expansion, you desire you feel resistance (negative emotion) to who you have become. You actually disallow yourself to be your True Self in that moment, you resist natural flow of Well-being that constantly flows to and through you. Every moment you choose to either go with the flow and allow that Well-being in or resist it, and you do it with your thought/emotion/feeling/state.

You will always aim for joy and bliss – to be aligned with Source and your True Self. You will always want to expand even more, because that is at the basis of eternal never-ending evolution and expansion.

Unless you are aligned with who you have become, with the newly expanded version of your Ture Self, unless you are in your True Identity (it feels as the inner state of empowerment, joy, strength, bliss) you won’t be able to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be and therefore experience physical manifestation of your goals. Because that is a vibrational gap between who you allow yourself to be now and your new expanded version of yourself – who your life has caused you to become, who you really are.

That’s why many people work really hard, study hard, they come up with plans for actions, even apply massive actions, they do everything they think they can, they work hard, they are tired and exhausted, they’ve done everything they knew they could do and they don’t get the results they want, or results they get are miniscule in comparison to the amount of effort they invested.

This happens because they are internally incongruent, they have misaligned beliefs, perceptions, expectations etc. They have misaligned energies within them. They are in the state of frustration, fear, doubt, powerlessness, boredom, discouragement – they are not in alignment with Who They Have become as a result of their life experience and their asking. They are not in alignment with Who They Really Are, they are not in their True Identity, they feel inner resistance in them (negative emotion) which “cuts” them from natural flow of Well-being and Energy that Creates the worlds. They try to compensate with massive actions from the state of misalignment and they wonder why they don’t get results they want.

What you can do right now is to say to yourself: “Throughout my lifetime I had many contrasting clarifying experiences. Every time I noticed something I did not want, the desire for an improved experience was born within me, and I asked for it whether consciously or unconsciously. I am an Extension of Source Energy, the Higher Broader Part of me, the Soul Source Part of me expanded as the result of my life experience and my asking. It expanded and became this new expanded version of me. That’s who I really am.
Who am I choosing to feel and be right now? Am I allowing myself to be the Fullness of Who I Have Become – my True Self?”

Relax, allow, and step into your greatness, as you already are everything you have ever wanted to be. Allow yourself to enjoy it inside of you now, do it unconditionally. Do it for the only purpose of aligning with Your True Self, aligning with Source, and it would not be long for you to experience all the magnificence of Who You Really are as full physical manifestations and your physical reality.

Many people ask themselves what is the purpose of life, what is life really about, how can I be the best I can be and live to the fullness of my true potential? They make their own choices evert day, that’s how much freedom we all have. They grow and expand.

When you listen to the Truth within you, when you let go of all resistant noise inside your head, that mental clatter that you often engage in and you listen to the quite Wisdom within you, you will hear and will be led to all the answers your are looking for, you will have the inner knowing of your wellbeing, and joy, and worthiness, and love. You will just know who you really are. And when you are in that state of alignment with Fullness of Who You Really Are you are aligned with perspective of Higher and Broader Part of You, you see yourself, others and the world through the Eyes of your Creator and you feel the deliciousness and the bliss of your true existence.

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